Future Game Consoles Need a Social Network Component

It's mandatory.

Think of how Steam recently added a community and Miiverse. I can't begin to tell you how much I love Miiverse that I'm constantly checking it every time I turn on the Wii U. It's not the most seamless feature, but it is addictive. I think that all console developers should look into making their own community within their OS framework.

With Miiverse, it's more than just drawing funny pictures and posting status updates. It's people working together to get through a choke point in a game. It's people leaving hints in the game and you finding it so you can be alerted. It's also making new friends and meeting new gamers. There is a lot to inside Miiverse. I think it's going places that we never really expected and if Microsoft and Sony jump on this, we could be in the middle of a huge breakthrough in the next generation.

The next generation could be more than just HD graphics and online capabilities. It could be a Game 2.0; a version of web 2.0. It's not the hardware that will be improving, but the software and the OS. It's going to be more than just watching movies and being an entertainment powerhouse. The next wave is social networking and it's going to be big jump in how we play and interact with each other.

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