Cannabis/Marijuana/Weed and Legalization


I was reading an article on the topic on The Verge earlier and I find this a very interesting subject. I would like to know your guy's opinion on both medical and recreational use.

Before I say anything else, I want to ask you guys to remain somewhat civilized if at all possible, I understand this subject has a very polarizing effect with people. Thank you.

To begin I will share where I come from. I have never used any recreational drugs in my entire life, nor do I plan to. I also don't drink but maybe one drink every couple months or so. For many years I was opposed to anything dealing with cannabis and it being legal in any fashion. The only reason (in my opinion) anyone would ever argue for medical use was because they were some kind of stoner who would attempt to take advantage of it if it were legalized. I still believe this is true and I still find 99% of people that argue for legalization of any kind to be completely obnoxious.

Almost three years ago I hurt myself at work. I now suffer from chronic pain and unless I decide to go with a risky operation I may remain so for the rest of my life. I take some pretty legit Schedule II narcotics as part of my pain management regiment. There's a lot of people out there that abuse and become addicted to RX drugs. Some of you may have used some of these on a short term basis for things such as surgery or wisdom teeth being removed, ect. Some of you might have even taken them for fun and enjoy them. I hate them, they make me sick, unable to concentrate, and from what I've read, are wreaking havoc on my body. I hate them so much, I hate feeling "high", but my life without them is pretty unbearable. From what I've read, medical marijuana would fix 90% of my problems I have with my medicine, and the one I'm currently taking is actually pretty effective without making me as sick as some others did.

So, I, a person who has very negative opinion of the stuff, would most likely benefit greatly from it. Somewhat ironic I think. That said, if it was ever legalized in my state, I would never ever smoke it but after my experiences I would definitely consider other methods.

Some questions and statements I have are:

If it really is as harmless as some say, how could any doctor choose narcotics over it? It really seems like a nobrainer, even when only factoring in the addictive qualities.

Is this something "big pharma" is against similar to how the oil industry does whatever it can to keep alternative methods for running engines from getting popular?

It is the same as alcohol is a very popular argument for legalization, I do find it interesting that you can be a fan of alcohol and you never have to get drunk whereas cannabis has no use but to get high.

The previous statement leads to this, No, hemp is stupid, it's not a legitimate argument, if cannabis were legalized, no one would start using hemp, let's not kid ourselves. The legalization of cannabis would be for the sole purpose of "getting high", either recreational or medicinal.

Would you guys use it? How would you use it? Personally, if I were prescribed it, I would not smoke it, mainly because of the social implications and smoking is bad for you :0

I'm interested in any more points, arguments, and opinions on the subject, feel free to post them in the comments, even if you really do think hemp is a legitimate argument, maybe I'm totally wrong and just dislike stoners. Post your answer to the poll in your comments as well. Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer, all of this was written under the influence.

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