Living A Second Virtual Life

Soooo there's quite a few interesting games comin' out next year, many of which seem like they'll be pretty immersive. I feel I could live in one of these fictional worlds. I mean you could have homes, jobs, and relationships in games nowadays. Some like The Last of Us would be scary, and some really rather nice like Ni No Kuni.

When Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Phantasy Star Online 2 come out I know they'll eat up the majority of my free time. I'm scared I'll become addicted actually. Anyone ever have this happen?

Anyways, the question is what video game world would you choose to live in if you could enter any game at all?

I guess my personal choice would beeee.. ummm.. Gravity Rush! Yeah. I love the design of the whole place and it's isolated. Plus there's the chance that magic kitties could potentially give me anti-gravity powers which is right up my alley. I could become Gravity King Ginza!

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