Video Game tattoos- Got 'em, like 'em, hate 'em?

Recently I have been noticing a pretty large amount of people on the internet boasting tattoos relating to or directly influenced by various video games. The Tri-Force and Hylian crest being some of the most popular, followed by 1-Up Mushrooms and the ever loyal WoW fans sporting their respective crests. Now, I love tattoos. Body Mods in general, honestly, and I myself have 2 game-related pieces planned out for when I'm not dirt-poor (Half-Life lambda and 'Ro' in Dovah meaning Balance) Tattoos can range from the simplest doodles to the most intricate portraits, so why not include a medium we all live by? I mean, day in and out some of us play video games for longer than we sleep, right?

A quick Google search will yield results of astounding talent and placement intermixed with some lesser quality, questionable pieces. Massive pieces of the Mushroom Kingdom to black & grey pieces of the weak points of colossi in Shadow of the Colossus. The ideas and options are nearly endless when related to a medium such as video games and video game culture.

I'm just curious, what does the Polygon community think of this seemingly rising trend? And better yet, post pictures if you have any!

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