Calm Down Everyone!

There seems to be a few people on here that are complaining about things moving slowly around here. I have to say, I am a little shocked at this because Polygon has just started. We really need to take a big, deep breath and remind ourselves that this is still a brand new community. Yes, it's an extension of Vox, but even Rome wasn't build in a day.

Take it easy and enjoy what we have now. Things will get better as time roles on. Making a community with a full set of features takes a lot of time and resources and especially since they have launched during the holiday season, some of those resources may not be readily available to us.

Remember, there are people working behind the stage here. Let them also enjoy their lives outside of Polygon. We're not even done with the first 6 months of Polygon...nevermind the first year.

Good things will come. Be patient!

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