What Anime Do You Wish to See a Video Game Adaption? And Vice Versa?

Okay, to anyone who had watched anime, I'm pretty sure there is always moments like "woah, I wish this is in a game, so I can play it out myself" or "the story in this game will make a cool anime" when we are watching anime/playing video games, so, what are the games/anime had given you such moments before (assuming it's gonna be good in terms of quality)?

Here are mine.

Anime to video game:

Accel World


For those of you who don't what it is, it's basically .hack/Sword Art Online Matchmaking Fighting Game Edition. Yes, there are already two PS3 games that came with the Blu Ray Disc (honestly not a very good game too), but I think it will be pretty cool to have an online fighting game that adapts only the concept and setting, not to mention that the game rules setting in the anime are pretty detailed as well, as if it was crying for a video game. How the player doesn't have the freedom to create their avatars, but instead having the computer decide it for you based on your real life experience can be something interesting to see in an actual video game too.

Darker Than Black


If we can make two awesome Batman games, why not the masked-Chinese-Pikachu-version of it?

Sound of the Sky/So Ra No Wo To


Yes, there is already a visual novel of it on the PSP, but the world setting in this anime is so rich and detailed that I kinda want to see a Valkyria Chronicles-esque strategy game takes place in the same universe but in a different location than the anime. I can keep dreaming.



We can have games like Super Robot Wars and Another Century's Episode, why not a non-robot version of it? Get on it, Banpresto!

Tekkaman Blade


Okay, this one is totally for personal reason, I just love Tekkaman Blade. Though the question is how. Maybe a mission based action game in space?

Video game to anime:

Resonance of Fate


This might seems odd at first, but hey, it has an official manga that looks like this, so why not? Beside, who doesn't want to see Vashyron dance in anime?



I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in here wants to see this. They can include the gag reel ending as DVD bonus episodes too.

Yggdra Union


Because I like Madoka Magica. Being Yggdra is suffering.

E.X. Troopers


Somehow I can't shake the feeling that Capcom is already out there working on it...

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