So my son says he wants to make videos game, Part 2.

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone who had posted a couple a months ago on a thread that I created, "So my son says he wants to make video games." The response was outstanding and the amount of information was a lot to digest. I also want to thank everyone who personally offered to help. Seriously, thank you.

I decided to make an update, since everyone took the time to write recommendations, and few took the time to write in depth advice.

Well, I showed my son the posts, and even downloaded a couple of programs that people had recommended. I gave him my 2 bits on the subject and told him, if this is what you want to do, here is the start, go at it. As of this morning, he still hasn't done anything. He hasn't looked over the material, hasn't boot up the computer (except to play games), and hasn't read any of the books I got from the library.

So I am afraid its a bit of a dead issue. I asked him what the deal was a couple of days ago, and he said he was still interested, and I mentioned that usually showing interest involves doing something with the thing your interested in. He just said he rather play the games, I said, okay. I then told him that if he changes his mind to say something, and i will help get him the materials that he needed.

I am not sure what he wants to do now, and to be honest I am a bit concerned. Oh well..

I guess the only thing to do now is to help when he asks for it, and to mention that I am there if he needs me.

I just can't shake the feeling that if he was serious about making games, he would be all over trying to do something about it.

Either way, jut wanted to give the update, and thank everyone who tried to helped.

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