Seeking advice on building a PC.

I've been wanting to build a PC since over a decade ago*, but conditions were never ideal. I guess it also didn't help that I succumbed to the lure of gaming consoles and ended up buying all three current gen consoles, plus three and a half portables during the past 5 years... >_>

BUT. Never mind that, it is now time for me to embrace PC gaming and all of its glory. I have saved up. I have the determination. I will make it happen!

Well, I will try. Truth be told, the biggest challenge is afoot. Living in Mexico, it's not particularly easy to get a hold of computer parts at reasonable prices(even living on a major city and being relatively close to the border actually seems to make it worse... I'm guessing PC gaming is not a popular hobby in my region). I've been looking around for the past week or so, and local options are unacceptable. Prices are marked up around 40-50% and there's very little variety in components. The next best thing is, of course, importing from the US, but this carries it's own risks and difficulties. But I think I can make it work, hopefully.

So anyway, while I work in figuring out the logistics of getting the parts themselves, I wanted to ask you guys for advice regarding the build itself. I spent a few hours looking around (mostly took inspiration from this guide, although, funnily enough, half of the parts there I had already half-settled on before stumbling upon this guide), and I compiled this list of parts:

Can't say my research was thorough tho, so I would really welcome any help doing some 'fat trimming'. I can actually afford a $1600 build, plus a calculated extra $250-300 for the importing costs. However, that build is lacking important stuff like a monitor(I have an old spare one I can use for a while), and less important stuff like mouse, keyboard, and other accessories(likewise, I have old spare stuff available). So trimming the price down is something I'm still considering as it would help me get those sooner. If you think I'm overspending in something that won't make much difference, do tell. Please note that I'm aiming for a PC that will last me at least 2 years while providing good results. Good results for me is mid to high quality, 60fps at 1080p with no AA(I've never cared for the stuff to be honest).

Feel free to also share any other general advice regarding building a new PC.

Thanks in advance. :)



*I did buy an iMac in early 2008, and it did a sufficient job for a while thanks to bootcamp. It got borked quite a while ago tho.





TL;DR : I came up with this build: and just want people to tell me if it's good or not, and if I should change things. :3

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