Comics! Cartoons! Anime! Crisis Vol. 2, No. 6: Ackin' So Cray-Cray


Pictured: Cray

Yoshi made a foolhardy choice to change this thread ever so slightly, and as a comic fan I FEAR CHANGE MORE THAN DEATH ITSELF.

However also as a comic fan I feel the need to talk about the things I enjoy, things like cartoons, change(Uh...I mean uh....forget change! Go stagnation!) and (Contractually obligated to say Anime here) And since he's gone,banished by the bishop, I'm back to write the superior version of this thread.

Disclaimer: Despite that last joke I won't be talking about Superior Spider-Man...sadly....

Featured Animation: Gravity Falls


It's much worse this way for Paper Jam Dipper.

Gravity Falls is a show heavily influenced by shows like Twin Peaks, it ties it's world together through reoccurring charecters and locations to bring a sense of continuity many western animated shows so sorely lack. You'll get to know the residents of this weird pacific northwestern town instead of simply seeing them in the background being used for sight comedy.

The show itself is a comedy about Dipper and Mabel Pines, two twins who were sent to spend the summer in the town of Gravity Falls with their Great Uncle/Grunkle Stan. Things get weird almost immediately as Dipper finds a strange book with a six fingered hand and the number 4 emblazoned upon it hidden away in the woods with a list of the towns many quirks, mystery's and secrets listed within. What follows is each episode featuring some kind of supernatural twist that is usually used to illustrate a point about growing up, great episode plots include Wax Figures of everyone from Sherlock Holmes("Have you SEEN my magnifying glass?") to Larry King("The Llama is natures greatest warrior") Lake Monsters, Garbage Candy and my favorite 90's Fighting Game Characters.



Gravity Falls is one of the best cartoons on the air right now and re-runs multiple times a week with new episodes returning in late February. Check it out on Disney Channel is you want quality genuine humor a rich interconnected world,Hilariously tame rap music or just -12 dollar bills.("They're less than worthless!")

Featured Comic: Scarlet Spider

No, not the one who wore a hoody and was universally reviled.


This one universally reviles everyone else.

Kaine Parker is not Peter Parker(Come to think of it, no Spider-Man right now barring that terrible cartoon is Peter Parker right now, go variety!) He has no qualms about being a dick if it means getting his job done, the tagline of this series is even "All the Power, None of the responsibility" back in the terrible clone saga Kaine was introduced as one of the many convoluted plot points as a clone of Peter Parker, he dropped into obscurity until the Spider-Island event when he was reintroduced and from there he branched out into his own series.

At first his plan was simply to hop the border and get the hell out of America with his big bag of money so he could start over with a fresh start away from the madness that is constantly plaguing the marvel universe. All that changed when he saved a woman from human traffickers during a slight stop over in Housten Texas, eventually deciding to stay and be the city's hero of which it currently had none. Kaine isn't exactly the nicest person but unlike another Spider out there right now he's not bad in the "Kill a guy so the world will fear me" sense he just has less moral quandrys in savagely beating the people he views as evil. The book is written by Chris Yost who you may know from his work as lead writer on the now defunct Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes cartoon, he's also taken over as the writer for Avenging Spider-Man, another great series I've once suggested to y'all.

Featured Anime: The Adventures of Kawaii Desu third Japanese word Scythe Mctwirl Girl and her amazing American Produced Tank: The dawn of the wolfs super fancy fun time.


The villainous tank who sort of looks like Bruno from Pokemon that terrorizes our heroine throughout the series.

It's about a girl right? She has green eyes doesn't like to eat Macaroons and twirls a scythe until you stop looking at the gif. This girl has an affinity for tanks and drives them around so she can crush her enemies or her schoolyard bullies or whatever the hell people use tanks for in Japan. So she has these adventures because a wolf once ate her left arm(It's cool though it grew back) and this singled the beginning of the Kawaii Desu cycle of the moon where she had to fight a bunch of bad guys in samey looking rooms while a computer lady with blue hair and big eyes sang things to her in auto tuned computer voices. She also had to fight bad guy tanks presumably but honestly All you need in this series it the capacity to watch a woman twirling a scythe and an appreciation for all things Animu.


So yeah, welcome back to Crisis! The place where you talk about comic books, manga, cartoons and girls who like to twirl scythes.

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