Gaming with DosBOX on BB Playbook

NOTE: Changed the title 'cause lets face it, it's all about the gaemz. :)

Seems like this has been out for a while, but for me it's new(s): Some enterprising soul ported DosBOX to the Blackberry Playbook, bringing a crapload of classic DOS games along with it. I'm pretty excited. That said, i've got info for anyone interested and questions about stuff i can't find.

Lets start off with what i (think i) know.

Where to get it:
BB AppWorld. It's a free download. Just type in "dosbox" into the search box and voila! There used to be some bar files floating around, but i haven't been able to find one (just some broken links). In any case, FREE and on AppWorld is good enough.

How it works:
Here are 3 basic things you need to known to get this puppy going.

If you're not using a bt keyboard with your Pb, you'll need to make the on-screen keyboard appear. To do this, start outside the screen on the LOWER LEFT corner of your Pb and slide your finger diagonally up and to the right onto the screen itself. Bam. Keyboard.

When you load up the soft, you'll end up in DOS on drive Z:. Aside from the usual DOS stuff (autoexec, mount, etc) there's not much there. So where are your files? If you've ever connected your Pb to a computer and browsed it (it also maps on Z), you already know how to dump files on it. Choose (or create) a folder and dump your DOS games/files/programs in there -- use subfolders if you want. Remember that folder.

Load up DosBOX. On the command prompt, type

mount C: /accounts/1000/shared/[your_folders]

Basically, "/accounts/1000/shared/" is the space on your Pb where you're allowed to write. Anything past that is "downloads", "documents", "misc", etc. (again, stuff you'll have seen if you've connected your Pb to a computer). I chose "misc/dosfiles" as my main C: drive.

Once this is done, all that's left is navigating to your app folder ("cd appfolder") and launching the app ("synd.bat" for example).

I don't know. I mean, it's called a touchpad so i'm guessing it's... a touchpad? Which brings me to..

Maybe you've been using this app for a long time, maybe you've seen the info somewhere.. Heck, maybe you're omniscient and have ALL the answers -- tho if that's the case i'm really flattered that you still took the time to read this. 2 questions stand out.

A) The first (most critical) thing i'd like to know is HOW DO YOU RIGHT-CLICK? Seriously, it's freaking me out.

B) Where the heck do you get that snazzy version with the orange on-screen controls (including RC, LC, Middle, etc.)?

So that's all i know for now -- i'll add edits with info when i can. Thanks for reading (if you read this) and if not, i've met your mom.

She's a fine, upstanding lady who loves you and is proud of you no matter what. So am i. Remember that.


Seems i'm a dummy (nono, it's true) -- seems there's a wealth of information on a7omic's website (he's the one who published the soft on AppWorld). The links were plain to see in the info column, but i-ah.. didn't look. Oops! I haven't gone through everything yet, but seems there's a way to get the overlay going. If not, you can download one of the fine builds available on Crackberry. There's one about middle page HERE (you have to be a member to download, tho).

Started trying out some golden oldies on this bad boy. Syndicate, A-Train, and Star Trek 25th Anniversary work like a charm. Sim City 2000 crashes on load, but i'm working on it. Oh! Answered my own questions.

ANSWER A: You need an overlay that gives you these commands. If you follow the Crackberry forum post link in the first update, you'll get the .BAR file for version with toggle-able overlay (swipe down to toggle). Thanks againA7omic!!!

ANSWER B: See answer A and all will be well.

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