Polygon Daily: Off Topic Σ (Fri 4/1)


Who else but Revolurt brings you headers such as these?

Welcome to Polygon Daily on Friday, January 4th. What is this thread you ask? It's your Polygon Community Daily Off-Topic thread where anything can happen, as long as we're following the Community Guidelines that is.

For the record I'm not Foxmcloud555, I'm Shaun. Why am I doing this today? Because Fox is off on a break to a land without refular high speed Internet. She'll be back next week, as will I, but for now lets just have a happy Friday!


Deus Ex design documents reveal the game that never was by Emily Gera

Sega's parent company to build an entertainment complex in South Korea by Tracey Lien

Shadowrun Returns character archetypes include mage, street samurai, decker and more by Tracey Lien

Wreck-It Ralph heads to DVD and Blu-ray on March 5, released digitally on Feb. 12 by Michael McWhertor

Demon's Souls gets downloadable release on PlayStation Network on Jan. 8 by Michael McWhertor


Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

360 (Reviewed) | PS3


30 Days of Gaming: Day 18 - Favourite Protagonist by PaddyStardust

The games you always come back to sooner or later by solowing

Is playing Persona 4 Golden worth it if I've not finished Persona 3? by fujisawa san


I just thought everyone was having fun with Google Translate, but that may just be my interpretation.

ProjectNatalie | 11 Recommends

And that's it for today Polynauts, of the FTL cruiser Polygon. Tune in tomorrow for more Polygon Daily news updates. If you're looking to create a header like the one used up top, then check out the Polygon Daily header thread.

And remember however to suscribe to our @PolygonAll Twitter feed for all breaking news, and @Polynauts for Community updates throughout the day. Σ

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