Crisis on Infinite Polygons Volume 2: Issue 5: Long Live The Superior Polygon


A truly magnificent vision of a normal baseball bat boy.

Hey, remember this topic? It used to get written sometimes but then everybody stopped posting in here and mostly just used Polynauts Daily to talk their hearts out about repetitive topics. Well I for one missed writing this thing so I'm drudging up it's long dead corpse and zapping life back into it in a way that only comic books and cartoons are allowed to do. No specialty this week(Well okay, one side note!), just some recommendations from me to you, whoever "You" are.

Featured Animation: Dan Vs.


Nothing can go wrong here.

What exactly is Dan fighting? Well, the answer to that is pretty much everything. From George Washington to technology itself Dan is constantly poised to declare his vengeance on whatever he feels has personally wronged him. While this may seem like a repetitive concept for a show(And in truth, it is) it's kept constantly fresh by Dan's increasingly outlandish plans for his revenge. Whether he's planning to blow up George Washington's house, steal a great white shark from sea-world and setting it loose on a highly populated beach and even plotting to cut off the barber who gave him a bad haircut on purposes hands.

Dan is a terrible person(He's completely immune to tear gas, saying he knows it apart from Mace as mace is "more tangy") But while he's amazing this show is not all about him, no in fact it's all about him and his pushover best friend Chris and Chris's super spy wife Elise. Chris is pretty much the modern picture of a pushover,he has an unstoppable apatite is petrified of long stretches of flat land and due to Dans meddling in his car has run over a long line of cyclists. Even when he refuses to go along with Dans plans Dan will usually manipulate his scheduled so he ends up at the place Dan wants him to be anyway. The show derives most of it's humor from slapstick and Dans intense paranoia that the entire world is out to get him, of course he's often right about this so watching his knee jerk reactions becoming more and more justified as the episode continues is often hilarious and always fun to watch.

Dan Vs. Is in it's third season now and is currently airing on The Hub, you can buy every season Digitally from Amazon or iTunes and the first season is available on DVD.

Featured Comic: Ultimate Comics X-Men


He has no mouth but you know Ice Man is frowning...

The X-Men, and indeed mutant kind have are always getting a bad rap in Marvel comics, usually feared and hated and almost never understood. Well man does the Ultimate U turn this up to 11 and rip off the knob. In a universe where a single mutant killed millions of people in an instant mutants are not just feared, they're being rounded up into camps, they're being "cured" whether through request or forcibly and all those who don't wish to assimilate back into society have been forced to live within the confines of a reservation in the middle of the desert.

Things for the mutants are incredibly bleak in this comic, and are often only getting worse, Kitty Pryde is the leader of what remains of the mutant population and she has problems arsing from all sides with paranoia, governmental interference and threats from within her own people who want to see her dead before the mutant race continues down any sort of path. In the wake of a much earlier event in the universe "Ultimatum" almost all recognizable X-Men are dead, there's no Wolverine, Cyclops, Professor X, Nightcrawler or even Magneto in this comic and there very likely never will be. What there is though is an extremely well written story that's often lauded as "The Walking Dead of super hero comics" If you want a different sort of X-Men then this is the book to go for.

That Big Thing That Happened Two Weeks Ago, Big Spoilers Too


I don't think it's even legal for me to write a comic book based post without talking about what happened to Spider-Man two weeks ago. So lets get this out of the way huh? Peter Parker is Dead....And Spider-Man is alive and well. The man slinging around New York now is wearing a double layered mask. Underneath the mask is Peter Parker's normal face, but under that face is the mind and drive of someone nobody really expected to be picking up the heroics anytime soon Doctor Octopus. This Wednesday is going to see the release of Superior Spider-Man #1 and wow was the final issue of Amazing Spider-Man one hell of a gut punch to the comic world. However! In my humble Spidey loving opinion this gut punch was positive thing, a punch right to the kidneys out of love. Just like when Ultimate Peter Parker died at the hands of Green Goblin in his final issue Peter Parker is dead at the hands of Doctor Octopus, Only this time, much like Kraven the Hunter did when he thought he had killed Spidey Ock has assumed the mantle of Spider-Man. Of course it's not as simple as "I killed you, now I am you" when it comes right down to it I'd suggest reading the entire issue before you judge, but you wouldn't see that reading the out cry of Spidey fans.(Can Anyone say "death threats to the writer over and issue people hadn't even read yet"?)

So! Ock in the body of Peter is now Spider-Man, and true to his egotistical self is now calling himself "The Superior Spider-Man" However don't expect him to suddenly be breaking everyone's necks or adding robot tentacles to his normal Spider arsenal. In the story through the same methods of how he actually manged to brain swap with Peter in the first place Peter managed to instill his morals and even place Ock in the horrid events that molded Peter into the man he was before dying. Ock may not be Peter, but he's carrying on the legacy of the man who gave it all up to help those in need, how he actually handles this legacy remains to be seen.

Now, again, this a crazy thin synopsis, if you want the full story read Issue 700 of Amazing Spider-Man but what I'm mostly trying to get across from what I've seen on the internet (The home of the trademark overreaction) is that people should really take a deep breath and allow this to go where it's going to go. If you really hate the idea you can even take solace in the fact that this is 616, Peter Parkers not going to be down for long more than likely. But we as fans need to be able to adapt to shake ups like this. Peter Parker died in the Ultimate U and was almost immediately replaced with Miles Morales, and while he's a very different person his comic as already outclassed what Peters had become by the end of his run by miles.(I swear that pun wasn't intended)

Peter may have died in his foes cancer ridden body, but implying that convincing his worst enemy to take up his mantle and become a hero was not a heroic death( An argument I've been seeing a lot of) is something I just can't see. However all opinions are valid(Translation: Don't hit me)

So....yeah, those are my views on that one. I hope to keep this topic going but honestly I don't know how far I can take it. Talk about anything Comic related, Manga related, Western or Eastern Animation related. Hell talk about captain taco and his pulled pork privateers if you really want to.

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