Anime You Might Not Have Tried/Heard of #7: New Season Edition

So it's been some time since I decided to write these posts on my own without anyone's permission or approval, I figure maybe it's about time to do something new and different? As of now, since it's a new season, the only thing I have watching is the first episodes of all the new ones, so i thought why not one about them? Of course, Everything are first impression based on the first or two episode, not the entire show, so don't come and try to murder if any one of them turns out to be crap at the end...

As many of you already know, there are two type of anime season, one being the awesome ones, while others are the crap one. This season? Crap, utter crap. I can't find Sawashiro Miyuki at all, WTF is this shit? But yeah, if you take this out of the consideration, it's one of those season where it looks like crap at first, but then it turns out to be actually pretty awesome with a lot anime just surprise you by being how good it is and totally went out of your expectation, like the one I am talking about next.

Gundam Build Fighters


Studio: Sunrise (Gintama, Mai-hime, Valvrave the Liberator)

Genre: Sci-fi

Episodes: 25

Director: Nagasaki Kenji

Adapted From: Original story by Sunrise

Localized By: Not localized yet


Komatsu Mikako as Iori Sei

Kokuryu Sachi as Reiji

Ishikawa Yui as Kosaka China

Mitsuishi Kotono as Iori Rinko

Hirose Masashi as Ral


During the 80s, an anime series, Mobile Suit Gundam, became popular and lead to a big bloom of Gundam Plastic Model, or Gunpla. With it's popularity, years later a new entertainment known as Gunpla Battle, where players pilot their own Gunpla to battle each other was created. Iori Sei, a first year middle school student, is a huge fan of Gunpla, and always dreams of joining the the world tournament and becoming the champion like his father. However, as good as his skill at building Gunpla is, he does not possessed the piloting skill his father has. And this is when he met Reiji, a mysterious boy who Sei helped by chance and promised that he will pay him back one day. It turns out that Reiji was a very good Gunpla pilot, and the two of them decided to form a team and join the tournament together.


Does it sounds stupid? Yes. Is it a kid's show? Yes. Is it a huge Gunpla advertisement? Hell yes. But it doesn't stop it from surprising me that it's actually a pretty good anime. As much as it aims at the younger demographic, the staff behind obviously didn't forget about the older audience who grew up with Gundam with all of it's UC references. It might not have the complicated political-focus story the series is known for, but I have to say that it's very straightforward that it's just fun to watch. A huge plus if you are a fan of Gundam or Gunpla. Not only does it have a lot of crossover you will never imagine that you will be able to see in an official anime, it also have tons of custom made Gunpla that will make any Gunpla fans excited. One of the reason that keep me watching it is because I just want to see what kind of Gunpla will show up next. Though of course, if you aren't a Gundam fan, all these stuff will probably be lost on you. Though you will still be able to enjoy it's excellent action scenes and soundtrack nonetheless.

A little bit fun fact, this anime is actually the spiritual successor of the 30th anniversary OVA Mobile Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G, which is also where Bearguy came from.



-Straightfoward and simple

-Action scenes


-References, references everywhere

-Gunpla fans' dream comes true


-Ral is no cameo boy, no cameo! He is a real character with an actual role!


-Half of the fun is lost if you are not a Gundam fan

-No Sawashiro Miyuki

Galilei Donna


Studio: A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online, Working!!, My Little Sister Can't be This Cute)

Genre: Sci-fi/Adventure

Episodes: ???

Director: Uematsu Yasuomi (Kite, Mezzo Forte, Dante's Inferno)

Adapted From: Original story by Uematsu Yasuomi

Localized By: Not localized yet


Hidaka Rina as Hozuki Ferrari

Okubo Rumi as Kazuki Ferrari

Shindo Kei as Hazuki Ferrari

Inoue Marina as Anna Hendrix

Kusunoki Taiten as Roberto Materazzi

Kamiya Hiroshi as Cicinho


In 2061, earth entered Ice Age. In Tuscany, Italy, there lived the descendant of Galileo Galilei, the Ferrari three sisters, Hozuki, a girl good at science and machines, Kazuki, a high school student who hates group activities and good at Shaolin martial art, and Hazuki, a college student in law major who is also a constant class cutter. One day, they were attacked by mysterious organizations who were looking for the Galilei Tesoro and ended up as the international wanted criminals. And thus the three sisters started their lives running away from cops while chasing whoever is responsible behind the conspiracy.


Short version: National Treasure meets Indiana Jones with airships in future Italy starring loli Tony Stark and you should watch it because it's legitimately good.

Long version: It's another one of those anime that caught me by surprise, and I have to say out of all of the surprises, this is actually the best one so far. The anime just did many thing that other anime didn't in just the first episode. The characters' personality stands out, a lot. By just one episode you can already tell who is who and what's going on between them clearly. The characters themselves are likable too, from the protagonists to the villains, they all have their own charm (Cicinho=best comic villain).

The story and setting, while not something that can't be described as absolutely unique, they are definitely something that you don't see too often in anime, and the pacing just nailed it perfectly, there are literally no boring scenes at all in the first episode, every moments either keep you engaged and makes you wonder what will happen next or just comical. There are some comedy, by there are also lots of serious moment, and overall it has a very nice balance between the two.

Animation, god the animation, straight up beautiful, I would say it's the best animation quality this season has offered, at least in the first episode.



-Interesting story and characters

-Nice pacing

-Nice balance between the seriousness and comedy

-Beautiful animation

-The whole thing overall is just well made


-No Sawashiro Miyuki

-I can't find a bad thing about the first episode other than Sawashiro

Samurai Flamenco


Studio: manglobe (The World God Only Know, Michiko to Hatchin, Deadman Wonderland)

Genre: Comedy-drama/Superhero(?)

Episode: 22

Director: Omori Takahiro (Durarara!!, Baccano!, Natsume's Book of Freinds)

Adapted From: Original story by manglobe

Localized By: Aniplex of America


Masuda Toshiki as Hazama Masayoshi

Sugita Tomokazu as Goto Hidenori

Tomatsu Haruka as Maya Mari

M.A.O as Mizawa Mizuki

Yamazaki Erii as Morita Moe


Hazama Masayoshi is a rather unusual young man, he is a superhero, a self-claimed one, can't transform and with no superpower at all, that is. Ever since he was a kid, he always dreams of being a superhero of justice and banish the evil of this world, and now he is an adult, he decided to go after his dream.

Goto Hidenori is a rather ordinary young man, he is a cop who works at the local station, has a long distance girlfriend, never think of anything about justice, just someone who is trying to do his job and live an ordinary life. But then one day, Masayoshi and Hidenori met each other, and a story about the birth of a hero has begun.

This is a story for adults who don't want to be adults yet.


I love Kamen Rider, and I love stories about childhood and adults, so naturally, I love what I have seen so far here. To sums up the whole thing in one sentence will be Japanese take on Kick-Ass. The story mainly focus on a grown man who just doesn't want to grow up yet (I know that feel bro) and that part was really what got me interested instantly. So far, it's hard to tell which direction they will be taking this series to, maybe they will focus on the adult chasing his childhood's dream, or maybe Masayoshi will really become a superhero? Whatever it will be, I can't wait to see what will happen next. I think the plot is also a bit thought-provoking too, like how you think littering or jaywalking are just something no one will care, but like the main character had said, it might be a small crime, but they won't end until someone put a stop to them, and it really makes you rethink next time you are about to commit these "small crimes". The main character might be childish, but I think to chase the dream you have since you were just a kid and still chasing it now is something that not even an adult can do.



-Interesting take on superhero

-Well portrayal of a grown man who doesn't who want to be an adult yet

-Thought-provoking story about the current society

-Kamen Ri... I mean, Harakiri Sunshine


-Animation has room for improvement

-No Sawashiro Miyuki

Nagi no Asukara


Studio: P.A. Works (Hanasaku Iroha, Another, Angel Beats!)

Genre: Romance/Drama/Fantasy

Episodes: 26

Director: Shinohara Toshiya (The Book of Bantora, Black Butler)

Adapted From: Original story by Okada Mari (True Tears, Hanasaku Iroha, Anohana)

Localized By: Not localized yet


Hanae Natsuki as Sakishima Hikari

Hanazawa Kana as Mukaido Manaka

Ishikawa Kaito as Kihara Tsugumu

Kayano Ai as Hiradaira Chisaki

Osaka Ryota as Isaki Kaname


Once upon a time, people used to live under the oceans. However, they were fascinated by the life on land, and they decided to abandon the blessing of the sea god and give up the lives under the ocean. As they started living on the land, they realized that living on the land is harsh, and thought that it's because of the anger of the sea god, so they decided to a girl to the ocean as a sacrifice to ease the sea god's anger, and it is said that the people living under the sea now are the descendant of the sea god and the sacrificed girl.

The story follows four childhood friends lived under the sea, Hikari, Manaka, Chisaki and Kaname, who were forced to go to school on land because their school was shut down. On their first day to the school on land, Hikari witnessed Manaka had a very special first meeting with Kihara Tsugumu, a fisherman's grandson living on the land, and the relationship between the three and conflict between the sea and land started to develop and unveil.


Well, I will just tell right away, I love it, but not because the episode itself, but for the potential for the future developments in later episodes it has showed. The setting is very unique, especially for a romantic drama. I thought that Hikari was rather unlikable character in the first episode, but I can also see him maturing up being part of the story's development and I definitely can't wait to see how it turns out. Other than the triangular love story (or should I call it "the pentagon love story"?), the story also focus on the conflict between the sea people and the land people. The first episode clearly showed that they don't get along at all, but it also showed that there are always few exceptions among them, we will see how it turns out.

The drawings and animation is very good too, especially the visual effect they used in scenes that are under the water. The backgrounds, which is what P.A. Works was known for, looks beautiful as well. Overall, the visuals are very pleasing to eyes. Though I'm still sad that they didn't use the song in the trailer as the opening...

Also, I said it once before, but Hanazawa Kana has some really good voice acting.

A little bit random, but I heard people called this anime NTR no Asukara...



-Unique setting

-Story with a great potential

-Impressive visual

-Hanazawa Kana


-First episode is not the "real juice"

-No Sawashiro Miyuki

Log Horizon


Studio: Satelite (Macross Frontier, Symphogear, AKB0048)

Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy/ Action

Episodes: 25

Director: Ishihira Shinji (Fairy Tail)

Adapted From: Light novel by Touno Mamare (Maoyuu)

Localized By: Not localized yet


Terashima Takuma as Shiroe

Maeno Tomoaki as Naotsugu

Kato Emiri as Akatsuki


By the twelfth expansion of the globally popular MMORPG Elder Tales, thirty thousand players in Japan found themselves entered the game world all of the sudden and are unable to log out. With the world that was once nothing more than a game is now reality, Shiroe, a veteran player of Elder Tales, started his life battling in the game world along with his many companions.


I know what you are thinking, Sword Art Online, though I will say it's more like .hack series, minus all the darker stuff, and focus more on the characters living in the game world rather than how the video game affecting the players as real person. The thing I like about it the most is that the world and the story really feels like an MMORPG, especially with the team battle at the end of the episode. The characters are pretty likable too. I think that most character in the story are all veteran players who had already reached level cap. also helps a lot in the storytelling, because instead of another story that treats the viewer like an idiot by wasting time explaining everything, the story just assume that you know the general ideas about the MMORPGs and most of the tropes that you can already guess and focus more on telling the story and introducing the characters right away. The characters also adopted the new environment quite fast too, the pacing of the story overall in the first episode is just perfect. If you are looking for another anime about MMORPGs after .hack and SAO, Log Horizon is a must watch.



-Faithful to MMORPGs

-Likable light-hearted characters

-Story with a good pacing


-No Sawashiro Miyuki

Golden Time


Studio: J.C. Staff (Toradora, Shakugan no Shana, A Certain Magical Index)

Genre: Romance/Supernatural

Episodes: 24

Director: Kon Chiaki (When They Cry: Higurashi, When They Cry: Umineko)

Adapted From: Light novel by Takemiya Yukiko (Toradora)

Localized By: Sentai Filmworks


Furukawa Makoto as Tada Banri

Ishikawa Kaito as Yanagisawa Mitsuo

Horie Yui as Kaga Koko

Kayano Ai as Linda

Hikami Takahiro as 2D-kun

Kido Ibuki as Oka Chinami


Tada Banri was involved in an accident an year ago after his high school graduation and lost all of his memories. An year later he woke up from his coma and decided to go to college and studying in the law school. On his first day after the ceremony, Banri found himself totally lost in the city and found another lost freshman Yanagisawa Mitsuo. The two of them become friends right away. On their way to school, they met a girl, Mitsuo's childhood friend Kaga Koko and it's revealed that Koko has been stalking Mitsuo ever since they made a promise to marry each other when they were still kids, and Mitsuo secretly applied this school just to avoid her. While Mitsuo officially declared that his college life is over after realizing Koko has found out which school he is attending, Banri find himself slowly being attracted by this perfect lady Koko.


I was looking forward to this before it was aired simply because it's from the Toradora! writer. Well I was initially disappointed that it's not from the same team who worked on Toradora! anime, but overall, I like it (and from what I have heard it sticks to the novel pretty faithfully). I'm not sure is everyone like this but Banri's reaction to his new college life is pretty close to mine (minus the Mitsuo and Koko part, of course), which is probably what rings with me. I'm not saying it's realistic, but it's a pretty nice depiction of college life. The characters are interesting (what do we call Koko? Yan-tsundere? Tsun-yandere?) and there are some funny scenes too. Other departments like soundtracks and animation are nothing too special, but the first episode definitely has my attention, just not as much as the others. Plus it's not usual to see an anime about college life either.



-Interesting story

-Nice depiction of college life


-Nothing too spectacular

-No Sawashiro Miyuki

Kill la Kill


Studio: Trigger (Little Witch Academia)

Genre: Action/Gurren Lagann

Episodes: ???

Director: Imaishi Hiroyuki (Gurren Lagann, Re:Cutie Honey, Panty & Stocking with Gaterbelt)

Adapted From; Original story by Trigger and Nagashima Kazuki

Localized By: Aniplex of America


Koshimizu Ami as Matoi Ryuko

Seki Toshihiko as Senketsu

Yuzuki Ryouka as Kiryuin Satsuki

Suzaki Aya as Mankanshoku Mako

Miki Shinichiro as Mikisugi Aikuro


The story set in Honnouji Academy, a high school ruled by the student council by force. Some student possessed a special uniform known as Goku Uniforms, ranked from one to three stars, which can grant it's wearer super human ability. A girl named Matoi Ryuko, a transferred student who wields half a giant scissors as a weapon, attempts to defeat the student council and their leader Kiryuin Satsuki in order to find out the whereabouts of her father's murderer. And on her path to vengeance, she came across a sailor uniform called Senketsu, which can grant her powerful ability in exchange of her blood.


Well, the fact that you click on this thread probably means that you have already watched it. If you haven't, let me sums it up for you. It's like Gurren Lagann, but with even more craziness, like going from spicy wasabi to SUPER spicy wasabi. It's like everything you love about what the team had done and mashed them together into one piece. Story is completely ridiculous and over the top. The visual style is very unique as you have expected (though I would say it's closer to P&S than Gurren Lagann). The music is composed by one of my favorite composer Sawano Hiroyuki, who also worked on Guilty Crown, Gundam Unicorn and Xenoblade 2(or whatever it's officially called) and the soundtrack at the fight scene at the end is pretty awesome.

Though I do have some complains, one being the fan service. Normally I don't mind fan service, and sometimes I am a fan of them as long as they are done right, but the design of Senketsu just seems a little bit too out of place, especially right after I was presented with some really hardcore fighting scenes. It's like you are eating dish of delicious and salty squid ink spaghetti and then suddenly you found a piece of pudding in there that totally ruin the saltiness (sorry, I seems have to develop an habit of using food as metaphor a lot recently). Squid ink and pudding taste good, just not so much when you put them together. The other complain is not really a complain, it's about the how crazy and ridiculous that it seems like the craziness are just there for the sake of being there. In other word it feels like it has more style than substance, but then that's just the first episode that draws you in and it can be easily solved when they have like 20+ plus more episode, so I won't really count it as a flaw.



-Crazy and over the top

-Unique presentation and visual style



-Out of place fan service

-No Sawashiro Miyuki



Studio: Toei Animation (Pretty Cure)

Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 13

Director: Matsumoto Rie

Adapted From: Original story by Toudou Izumi(Toei Animation)

Localized By: Not localized yet


Kugimiya Rie as Koto

Suzumura Kenichi as Myoe

Kitamura Eri as Yase

Nakahara Shigeru as Kurama

Saito Chiwa as Shoko

Kusakawa Aya as Koto

Isida Akira as Inari


The story takes place in the city Kyoto (written as Mirror Capital). A girl named Koto and her two familiars had came to the city and they can't leave until they found the "black rabbit" under the care of Myoe, one of the three leaders of the city. As they start their adventure on finding the black rabbit by turning the city upside down and making everyday looks like a carnival of madness, Koto also find out that the black rabbit they are looking for is closely related to Myoe and his two other siblings Yase and Kurama.


Let me tell you one thing first before anything, this is my favorite anime in this season, and I will probably tell you that this will be my favorite anime of all time if they keep it up when I finished the whole thing. It's crazy, well made and charming with some really unique visual presentation. Imagine Kill la Kill, but less hardcore and more fairy tale-ish. The first episode (which episode 0) is a recap of the OVA released a couple of years ago, which pretty much the same thing with some minor differences. I have seen the OVA before and let me tell you what, that's one anime I don't mind watching the second time. The story? I have no idea what's it about, nothing makes sense in that episode, but I was drawn and totally impressed by the extremely unique visual and presentation, I honestly can't find other anime that has a presentation as unique as this one. And on top of that the characters are really interesting, and Koto is probably one of the best protagonist I have ever seen, it's just nothing but joy to watch Koto messed up the whole time and having fun. The whole episode is just fun to watch like you have just went to a carnival.

And then I watched the second episode (which is episode 1), which did nothing but to impress me even more. Everything from the first episode just suddenly make sense, it did a very good job at explaining the backstory while keeping the charm it has in the first episode, and it pulls that off within just one episode. Other than the style, the more technical stuff like animation is very good too. The animation is very smooth, which goes along with it's unique visual. Music is by Shiina Go, who also worked on God Eater and Tales of Legendia, two games that have some great soundtracks. Koto's voice acting is also one of it's charm, Kugimiya is really showing that tsundere isn't the only thing she is good at (heck, I don't even think that's what she is best at after I watched this anime).



-Unique visual and presentation

-Great animation

-Full of charm and joy


-Kugimiya's voice acting





-No Sawashiro Miyuki BUT I DON'T CARE ANYMORE

Outbreak Company


Studio: Feel (KissXSis, Listen to Me Girls, I Am Your Father!)

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy

Episodes: 12

Director: Oikawa Kei

Adapted From: Light novel by Sakaki Ichirou (Scrapped Princess, Magician's Academy)

Localized By: Sentai Filmworks


Hanae Natsuki as Kanou Shincihi

Mimori Suzuko as Myucel Foaran

Fuchigami Mai as Petralka Anne Eldant III


Kanou Shinichi is an otaku+NEET who reject to go to school and work after his childhood friend rejected his confession for being an otaku, until his parents forced him to pick one between school, work or GTFO. As he was looking through different jobs' offering, he found one that states they were looking for experienced otaku. The next thing he knew after the interview was that he was kidnapped into a different world, the Holy Eldant Empire, and he was informed that he was selected as the CEO of AmuTech, a government sponsored company that help to spread the otaku culture of anime, manga and moe to Holy Eldant Empire due to the empire's lack of entertainment. Realizing that the Japanese government won't let him go back to Japan until he is done with this job he was forced on, he has no choice but to take the job.


This is also one of the anime that surprised me and I was enjoying more than I thought I would be. The first thing that caught me was the amount of parodies it have, from Dragon Ball Z and Berserk to recent stuff like Attack on Titan and Madoka Magica, heck even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is not safe from it. The next thing that caught me in the second episode was the effort the author had put into the story. I thought it is rather clever how it uses the empire's culture and it's view on races and compare them to the general view on otaku in real life. Don't be fool by it's moe cuteesy cover, because there are actually something that is deeper than that (and from what I have heard, the novel later on will also deal with something else related such as the otaku's discrimination against anti-otaku, and it surprisingly didn't go the harem route but focus on just the heroine as well). But of course, that doesn't mean that you can' watch it if moe is what you are coming for. It's a story that has something for you no matter you are here for a light-heartted story and laughs or a deeper look on otaku culture, which is also one of the reason why I like it. The animation is also surprisingly good, the way the characters move is very detailed and smooth.

The setting is nothing new, you have your human and elves and lizardmen you generally see in fantasies, but I think it's been a while since I last seen a generic setting like this, and I do like it. Soundtrack is fitting, but nothing too special. Though there is one particular track that easily take the cake as one of the most WTF(read "the best") track ever. For the artstyle, well, I like the illustration in the original novel, but I thought the anime's visual didn't really did a good job at recreating it, but I guess I can get used to it.



-An interesting take on otaku culture

-Good amount of comedies and parodies

-A generic, but likable fantasy setting

-Great animation quality


-Myucel is cute (there, I said it)


-Takes some time to get used to the artstye

-No Sawashiro Miyuki

And for the last part, these are the ones that didn't impress me as much as above, but in the same time I also think that it's a waste to not mention them at all.

Tokyo Ravens


What is it About: Tsuchimikado Harutora and his childhood friend Tsuchimikado Natsume, the next heir of the family had made a promise together that he will become her shikigami one day. As they grew up, Natsume went to study in Tokyo while Harutora stayed in the family. While Harutora has no interest in Onmyodo at all due to his lack of talent and potential, one day, Natsume has came back to fulfill their promise they had once made when they were kids. Also, the OP is pretty awesome. And the 3D CGI is really good that is on par with Karas and Fate/Zero.



What is it About: Saeki Makoto became the priestess of her family's shrine at four when her mother passed away, and that was when she start being able to see the fox deity of the shrine, Gintaro. As she is the only one who can see Gintaro, she becomes the bridge of communication between the gods and humans in their everyday life.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll


What is it About: Taken place in the early 20th century, theere exist a technology that combines magic and machine to create machine-dolls known as Automaton. Akabane Raishin is a puppeteer from Japan who came to England along with his Automaton Yaya to enter the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machine Arts to become a "Wiseman" in order to take his revenge on a certain man. Yaya kawaii yo Yaya, Yaya kawaii yo

Strike the Blood


What is it About: Taken place in the artificial island Itogami City, also known as Demon District, a place when werewolves and vampires reside, Himeragi Yukina, a Sword Shaman from the Lion King was assigned to find and observe the Forth Progenitor, the legendary vampire who will bring calamity, but only to realized that the Forth Progenitor is just a high school boy who had no idea what he capable of.



What is is About: A nuclear meltdown occur in Tokyo 20 years ago and now it is a post-apocalyptic ghost town, and the government assigned three girls, who are Coppelion, genetic-engineered humans who are immune to radiation, to search for survivors in Tokyo as they are searching for the purpose of their lives as Coppelion.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-


What is it About: In early 21th century, a mysterious fleet of sentient fleet known as the Fleet of Fog has started attacking mankind. As their weapon had no use at all against the Fog, humans had no choice but to put naval and aerial blockages, making it impossible for them to travel between nations, thus making the whole world became disconnected. Chihaya Gunzo, was chosen by a Fog battleship as the captain, making him the only one who can defeat the Fog, which also made the Japanese government hired him and his crew to transport a very important weapon blueprint to America that grant them the chance to fight back.

And that's it. Here are the previous ones I wrote if you are interested, and feel free to discuss about them as well in here.

Anime You Might Not Have Tried/Heard of #1

Anime You Might Not Have Tried/Heard of #2: Kyoto Animation Edition

Anime You Might Not Have Tried/Heard of #3: Ufotable Edition

Anime You Might Not Have Tried/Heard of #4

Anime You Might Not Have Tried/Heard of #5: PUT YA GUNS ON!

Anime You Might Not Have Tried/Heard of #6: P.A. Works Edition

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