Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 1, No. 8: Plight of the Living Dead


"But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?"

- Mark Twain

Wow its been a year already? Wow, I remember when this was crisis and I made one of the lowest commented issues as my debut entry. Yeah lets never talk about that again.

So Beware you ghouls and demon’s for all Hallows eve is among us and with it comes an air of unsettling nature with make one question their humanity. Set loose the Storms and Shadows, and prepare yourself for the Darkest Plight.

Zombie’s Special Halloween issue #2!


Marceline and the Scream Queens

Adventure Time, come on grab your friends. We’ll go to very distant lands. With Marceline the Vampire queen, and Princess Bubblegum, the rock will never end. Its Adventure Time!


So yeah if you didn’t notice this is an adventure Time comic. One of the many mini series that has spun off the very successful Adventure Time comic. Marceline and the Scream Queens is all about Marceline and her band (can you guess the name?) travelling the land of Ooo with PB as their Band Manager as they fight criticism, love, trust, and the purpose of music. All in Adventure Time fashion. Now while this series does seem like it would have been better off as a made for TV special since Marceline’s character and a lot of this book is about music, and since you’re reading this, the music is in your head you crazy, crazy person. But it still works. You see its not about the songs, its about the lyrics. Scream Queens displays excellent elevation of Marceline slowly loosing it to the tabloids who seem to have it out for her. Its all very well done.


The art here is fantastic mimicking the style of the show perfectly. But what really steals the show are the covers. They are drop dead gorges. Simply to die for. Its (good looking + death pun). They go from surreal to classic rock promo poster. Anyways I should Probably mention the story. Marceline has a band, they go on tour. Princess Bubblegum joins then so she can see what the big deal about Rock music is. They go through problems along the way. They make it back to the Candy Kingdom for the end of their world tour. Look Adventure Time isn’t known for its complex story telling. What it is known for is good fun, which is what this comic is. Go read it now and to see everyone’s favourite vampire in action.

Death: the High cost of living

If you haven’t read Neil Gaiman’s epic master piece Sandman. Well welcome to the club. But in all Seriousness Death: The High Cost of living doesn't actually tie too deeply into Sandman comics (which have a lot of philosophy and mystical DC characters popping in and out) and chooses to focus on Death who is essentially a preppy nice goth-looking teenage girl. Every 100 years Death must relinquish her powers and become human for one day, to walk among the living to better understand the life that she takes away. And on this particular day Death, or as she is known in her human form "Didi" (you see despite only existing for one day, Death takes on a persona of someone who people believe has always existed) and she meets Sexton a teen boy who is kinda depressed, because he thinks life is pointless (also because he’s a teenager who thinks he understands the true answers to deep philosophical questions), up until he meet Didi after almost getting himself killed in a Dump. He spends the day with her, as he begins to appreciate life a little more.


This is a really good comic. Like really really good. Death is just such a likeable character and interesting character. To her no life is worthless. She even cares about the deaths of those who tried to rob and kill her (it also brings up the question of what happens to you when you die but Death’s not around). The art work is great, it more clear than the main Sandman series, but its still very distinct. I should also mention Sexton at this point, who despite sounds suspiciously like a Mary Sue, is actually a bit endearing.

Mind you, its only a bit, but his character in this is actually pretty understandable, because despite running into Death, a gypsy woman who claims to be hundreds of years old because she hid her heart from Death, and a huge monster like man who seeks to take Death’s power, Sexton has to proof or reason to believe that any of these people are telling the truth. The only super natural thing that happens in the comic takes place on the other side of the ocean (He’s in New York) weeks before Death even arrives. And yet despite this being essentially about people with great power living normal life for one day, it’s still fascinating. Give it a read.


Oh also there is a PSA with almost zero sense of parody about Death and John Constantine (you know the guy who is such a terrible person that he opened Pandora’s box and it couldn't make him a worse person because he’s already the worst) talking about STD’s and how to properly apply a condom.

Halloween Eve

So I just found this comic while looking through horror comics. It was a one shot so I figured hey why not? I open it up and what I see is fantastic art, likeable characters, and an homage to Halloween Town movies. Seriously this comic is great. It got its funding through Kickstarter (one of many comics to do so) and I can say to all those who backed it that it was a wise decision.


I cant say too much Story wise because its a one-shot, but essentially, Girl works at costume shop on Halloween eve, accidentally ends up in Halloween Town where costumes are real and its always Halloween. Anything else than that would just be ruining the comic. Go read it. Its like 99 cents.


Danny Phantom


Danny Phantom is a strange beast. It can best be described as Spider-Man but with ghost powers while being a huge homage to Filmation animated Ghostbusters series. The series follows Danny Fenton, whose ghost hunting parents have finally invented a portal to the Ghost World, but when it fails to operate Danny investigates it, accidentally turning it on and causing a change in his DNA giving him the ability to transform into Danny Phantom complete with Ghost abilities. To help him become a hero, Danny has his friends Sam and Tucker who help him in any way they can. He also has his Sister Jazz who finds out about his secret identity later in the series. But just as he has friends, he has plenty of enemies. They range from ghostly rockstars, to Ghost Hunters, and to just a whole lot of creative characters. And worst of all is Vlad Plasmius, who is essentially the Norman Osborne of the series. Im serious about the whole spider-man with ghost thing. This series has a Norman Osborn character, a Harry Osborn character who hates Danny Phantom for ruining her life, but is friends with Danny Fenton, and flies around on a hover board with a battle suite with weapons all supplied by Vlad, there’s a Kraven the hunter character, a female clone of Danny. Its got everything.


Now the style this show is drawn in is pretty much exactly like Fairly Odd Parents. Its no surprise then, that it has the same creator. The show always strikes a good balance between humour, drama and action. Its probably one of the best superhero shows, thats not actually based off previously established character. Also that theme song is amazing. The show ended with a pretty good finale and while there has been talk of bringing it back, even if that doesn’t work out its still really good.

Halloween Tree

It a Ray Bradburry Story, featuring a Ray Bradburry and Lenord Nemoy, in this emmy winning animated movie. Its about four children learn the origins of Halloween customs while trying to save the life of their friend. They travel through time, see the dead, and go through some very creepy things. To be fair the film is more about clever moments than big story. You see the friend in question has been taken to the hospital and his friends go meet up with Pip (the friend in question) in the hospital to be there for him as he get surgery done on his appendix. They (Jenny as a witch, Ralph as a mummy; Wally as a monster; and finally Tom Skelton as a skeleton) set course for the hospital but take a short cut through the woods which leads them to a mansion.

There they see a person who looks just like Pip but fail to catch him as he runs into the house. There they meet a man named Moundshroud who is disappointed they don’t know the origins of their costumes and informs them that while they did see their friend, what they say was his ghost who tried to steal a pumpkin with his face on it in order to cheat death. Pip however failed and his pupkin will belong to the Halloween tree unless his friends a willing and capable enough to find the truths behind what they wear and save Pip from death throughout time.

I would say more but instead here’s a video


Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heavens Door

You know of all the things in this Plight, this one probably has the least to do with Halloween, despite actually taking place on Halloween. I guess I should also preface this with the fact that this is a movie set in the Cowboy Bebop universe, somewhere in the middle of the series. If you don’t know what that is, go fix that and watch the series, but if you’re low on time here is the run down. In the future most people live on Mars since creating Warp Speed kinda messed earth up, and we follow the bounty hunting crew of the Bebop, which includes Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Edward, Jet, and Eine the corgi. I don’t want to get to much into that because we’re talking about the movie not the series. Anyways the movie focuses on a terrorist attack on Mars, on Halloween and the shady work of the government as they try to cover up something that was never suppose to exist. We find out crew looking for said terrorist for his high bounty, but it seems they might have bitten off more than they can chew.


This is a really good movie, even without having a great series connected to it. The animation isn’t too much better than that of the show, but the show was already really well animated, so thats not a knock towards the movie. There is one thing that the movie really showcases, and that Cowboy Bebop’s use of music. From the chase scenes, to the shoot outs, to the final hand to hand fight between Spike and Vincent, Cowboy Bebop shows that any music is uses will be used to its maximum effect. In some ways this is just a super long episode of Bebop, but even then its pacing and story are still top notch. In fact, I might say this is probably one of the better stories in Cowboy Bebop. There are plenty of twists and turns, and the dialogue and common tasks of the characters gives the sense of how much bigger the world is in this series. Definitely worth the watch.



Look guys you have to understand I wanted to have a more serious anime to talk about, but I ran out of time and had to do things I already knew, so it was this, Rosario + Vampire which while I enjoyed isn’t as good as its manga counterpart and is just a bit too fan service happy to feature. Or I could have does Shaman King but like these other two its been over 5 years and its waaaaaaaaaaay to big to do research on. I even went to check out a mini series that was more horror based, so I watched some High school of the Dead and I am never doing that again, so deal with it. This is Karin.


So Karin is essentially a Slice of life anime about vampire, or more specificly Karin and her vampire family, and non vampire friends. You see Karin is the black sheep of her family. Despite having fangs and wanting to suck blood she’s not really a typical vampire. She doesn’t burn up in sunlight, she doesn't have a powerful sense of smell, she cant transform, she isnt super strong or fast, and most importantly when she doesn't have blood, she doesn't starve, but rather her nose bleeds.

I don’t mean like drops of blood nose bleed, I mean comedic anime nose bleed when they see something pervy, but times 20 and played straight. Every time it happens it looks like a murder scene took place, and this puts Karin and her Family’s secret at risk. To make things worse an heir to a vampire hunter tries to woo her, and she has class with a guy who’s unhappiness (vampire taste in blood are dependent on the emotions of the person they take them from, with Karin’s favourite being unhappiness) who is causing her expel blood much more often. Look Im not going to tell you that the story is unforgettable but it is still pretty good, and can actually manage to pull some emotional scenes from time to time. Give it a watch.


So that it. I really hoped you enjoyed it. I was originally planning on 16 featured items but then things came up like time and money. Still I waited all year to make this one, so I think I did all right. Happy Halloween everyone from your favourite undead comic book loving polynaught.

Zombie Out



N....... Necktie. Nectar. Nickel. Noodle. Its an N word. Its definitely an N word. Okay Klaatu. Verata. Ni *Cough Cough*mmmm

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