Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 1, No. 12: We wish you a merry Crisis. We wish you a merry Crisis. We wish you a merry Crisis. And a happy New 52!

Well then, if it isnt the Mooooooooooooooooooooost wonderful time of the year.

And by that I mean Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone. Its your good friend Zombie here to bring you yet another Holiday issue and the final issue of this volume as well as the final issue of of this year and month and week. Just a heads up this is going to be a short issue because you know, Christmas. Now unlike Halloween where I had to cut a lot of things, christmas related things I had to scavenge for. There wasnt much and a lot of what I found was crap, but I think what I found is the cream of the crop. so hold on tight its Zombie's Christmas Plight Special!

Oh Paul Dini. Will you ever disappoint me? *Note: Do not actually tell me anything Paul Dini has done to disappoint people

Jingle Belle is about Santa's rebellious teenage daughter Jingle Belle. The comic chronicles her adventures and problems as she slacks off from work and the North Pole travels around the world with her friend Polly Green, the official witch of Halloween, represents the North Pole at Ice Hockey and just generally does what she pleases Its a very humours comic, and its really the best Christmas comic out there. I mean I gave up talking about the Pokemon Magical Journey Christmas Special. I freaking LOVE the Pokemon Magical Journey Christmas Special, yet I choose to talk about this instead because it has Santa fighting Frankenstein, a Blue Monday crossover (which is a comic that is essentially trying to a serialized John Hughes movie and succeeds with some mix results), and the Krampus.


See heres the thing. The comic is the pride and joy of Batman TAS writer Paul Dini. It is a character that he made and owns all the rights to. As such it has been published by many different companies from Oni Press, to Top Cow, to Image. And also as such that means it doesnt get released super often. Really only when Dini finds time and a publisher will to publish it. It may be his most personal work but its still just a side project. Finding copies may be a bit of a pain, heck finding images was a bit of a pain, but its well worth the effort. Especially if you're looking for some good holiday reading.

Now before anyone states that Rise of the Guardians "technically" isnt a Christmas movie, I would just like to point out that it has sword wielding Russian Santa Claus played by Allen Baldwin. We cool? Cool. Now lets talk about some awesome holiday action.

Rise of the Guardians is a Dreamworks film and is probably one of their very best works (which got snubbed an Oscar nomination) right next to How to train your Dragon and The Road to El Dorado. The film follows the story of Jack Frost as he goes about the world causing cold and ice with his magical stick so that it may bring joy to children. There is just one catch. No one believes he exists. And as a result no human and see him hear him and they all can phase right through him without even noticing he was there. To make matters worse Jack has no memory of who he was before he became Jack Frost. But now the boogie man has come back from the shadows and Jack has been chosen by the man on the moon to become a Guardian and fight along side the Toothfairy, Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and The Sandman in order to protect the children of the world become believed in by children, and perhaps even find out who he was and why he became a guardian.


Rise of the Guardians, much like How to Train your Dragon, is something I did not except to like as much as I did. Its characters are all so vibrant and well designed and they all have nice little spins on these well known characters. I especially liked Pitch Black (AKA the Boogie Man) who to be fair probably has the best reason to be evil. Everyone wants to be seen and believed in, but in modern times Boogieman has practically become a term for "Scary thing that doesn't actually exist". I should also mention this film looks really good. Its also holiday themed so if you happened to have free time around the holidays (Cough *Like right now* Cough) give it a watch. You wont regret it.

Do you know how hard it is to find Christmas anime? No, I mean do you really know how hard it is to find Christmas anime? And I dont mean like an anime with an episode around Christmas. Oh no, I mean full on Christmas themed anime. I'll tell you what, it aint easy. And a lot of what was there wasnt great. But Tokyo Godfathers is special. Its also really good.

The story is about three homeless people. Gin the alcoholic, Miyuki the 16 year old runaway, and Hana the transsexual fromer drag queen. While dumpster diving on Christmas eve they discover a baby in the trash and give it the name Kiyoko which means pure. After that, they set off to find the parents of the child and confront them as to why they would leave a baby in the trash on Christmas eve. Its a tale of regrets, love, forgiveness, and coincidence. Its got South American assassins, chase scenes, heartfelt moments, hobo fights, the works . It chronicles the week long journey of these three unlikely people as they risk everything and confront their past in order to protect a small child who they have no relation too. I should also mention that this was made by Madhouse who made a previous feature film Redline.


This movie is somewhat of an oddity, a movie about Christmas from a country where Christians make up less than 2% of the population is strange on its own but add on the fact that it focuses on homeless people, not Aladdin style "I dont need a home, Im perfectly fine being homeless, cause food and water are practically everywhere" people but real honest to goodness homeless people, and you have yourself a very strange film indeed. But its that strangeness makes it so wonderful. Also the stunning animation helps too. And when you find out why these people became homeless you feel for them and you get why they act the way they do. Really its a special kind of film that needs to be seen to be gotten. And two more things I should mention. It was written by the same guy who made Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, and there is no dub. That last part bothered me, but I will just suck it up until they release one for this great film. Give it a watch.

And thats it for this issue. I hope you all have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stay Safe.

Zombie Out.

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