Comics! Cartoons! Anime! Crisis Vol. 2, No. 8: The Uncanny Seven

Look! Fancy pictures by Shaun McIlroy! It's time for another Crisis on Infinite Polygons where we discuss animation and comics. As with every week here are a few things you might want to check out!

Hey this series ended recently too! But I’ve only read like half of it so it hasn’t for me. Also, there’s a new Uncanny X-Force series out now too so don’t get the two confused (You will, or you won’t care, WHICHEVER). Now, I’m sure what most of you think when you hear "X-Force" is a Liefeldian abomination, but I’m here to tell you that as with Venom, Rick Remender has taken an extremely 90’s concept and made it crazy good.

Uncanny X-Force is about a spec ops team of mutants taking care of threats in ways that aren’t very nice, but they’re the best there is at it. It’s not just the intrigue and espionage this book has going for it though. Remender has such a great hold on these characters, he makes me extremely interested in them in that I would likely blind-buy a solo series for any one of them (Especially if he was writing). He writes Wolverine as the man who everyone thinks is the most badass killer around, but deep down just wants to move past that part of his life knowing he never can. Oh, or Deadpool, someone that I’ve kind of dismissed as trying too hard to be "lol, random!" at times is written here as a goofy ass guy that just wants to be a hero not the insufferable mercenary that he’s known as.


Context not needed!

There are lots of ways to check out this series, such as the printed collections, Marvel Digital Comics Unlimted, or Comixology (Just don’t get it confused with the new series, unless you want to check that one out too). I’d say more about the comic, but I don’t really want to ruin anything about it. Also, a nice little aside, if you’re looking for a more light-hearted X-Men book, try Wolverine and the X-Men. That book is really good as well.

Welcome to the great hall of cartoons cancelled before their time Tron: Uprising! Disney XD had no idea what they were doing with the show, you know, seeing as they’re Disney XD. I think they’ve doomed EVERY action show to air there with poor scheduling and lack of company interest. Seriously, as soon as the show got good, they started premiering episodes on Sundays at midnight. Oh yeah, I guess I should actually talk about the show, since it got good. The basic down low on the show is that we’re in a world of computer programs based on the video game, Tron, and they’ve kind of got an evil dictatorship thing going on which leads to an uprising. Boosh, Tron: Uprising.

Well, the first half didn’t really sell me on much. It was just the weekly episodic adventures of some guy foiling "THE EVIL TESSLER"’s plans, ala 80’s cartoons. However, eventually they really started getting into that "uprising" title with more layered characters and the formation of an actual uprising. I genuinely got into it in a way that very few cartoons elicit. Finally all those people that said "the writing is better than Tron: Legacy" were right, it just took a good while. But, that’s kind of a big issue. If only half the show is any good, is the show any good? It depends, some people liked the early episodes far more than me, and they do build on character relations that pay off a bit later.


Dat cityscape.

So, the show is a bit "your mileage may very" in the writing department. What about the presentation? Well, the backgrounds are amazing, and some set pieces are almost as stylish as Tron: Legacy (A film that oozed style), but the actual animation is relatively janky and the character models are wooden. It all feels like a cheap TV version of Tron: Legacy (The imitation Daft Punk soundtrack really hammers that feeling down) which isn’t always a bad thing, but for the most part it’s serviceable. All in all, it’s worth a watch even if it ends on a cliffhanger. Maybe the new movie Disney is developing will lead to a resurrection…

Toonami just finished up showing this series, so it’s kind of weird that I picked this one, but I wanted to show some Toonami love and I’m saving Soul Eater for later and I think I already did one of these for Sym-Bionic Titan. So, yeah, you guys just missed Samurai 7 on Toonami, but it’s on DVD, Blu-Ray, Netflix, Hulu, Funimation Video, and probably other things. Now, if you’ve seen the acclaimed classic Akira Kurosawa film, Samurai Seven, well, this is that but with bad CG mechs and its somehow even longer.

However, if you HAVEN’T seen Samurai Seven, well here are the cliff notes: Some poor farmers are sick of bandits jacking their rice so they send some of their people into the city to get samurai. You know, cause samurai are badass and are the solution to any problem (Seriously, I could do a run of Scribblenauts just using samurai). Luckily for them they find the wise old samurai first, and he’s all like "we need seven of them", because Seven Samurai sounds cool I guess (Fun fact: The original Japanese name of the film in question translates as "The Magnificent Seven" so I just ruined my own joke). Needless to say they form their feudal Japan Avengers with all the crazy characters you’d assume, they have the badass one, the goofy one, the kid, etc.


This CG looks even worse in motion. I know, unbelievable am I right?

Anyway, it’s basically that only with crappy CG mechs. Okay, they also change a bunch of things and it has its own sci-fi type plot going on. Oh, and both the film and anime series has all this character development and stuff that’s pretty cool if you’re actually into that sort of thing (But if you are, why are you watching animus? OH MY GOD IT’S A JOKE DON’T KILL ME!). It’s not the best show in the world, but it’s pretty cool and totally worth it if you’re jonesing for another samurai show and don’t know where to go.

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