Best DLC of the Seventh Generation?

Okay, so this has been the first generation with real DLC content. Yes, it's been a ho-hum point for some, and there's no doubt some companies *cough Capcom cough* have abused it.

But what have been your favorite DLC packs so far?


Okay, this was spectacular. From the very start you knew it would be good. The music. The greatness. Not to mention the Normandy VI, to me, was a foreshadowing of EDI. Maybe it's been surpassed by now, but in 2008, this was great compared to most DLC.


The whole dinner party aspect of this was a new one. It felt good. I think the only hampering was the fact that Kasumi wasn't a fully-scripted character, just another NPC.


Why is Cold Storage on here? It's not my favorite Halo 3 map. It's not the best map either. But it was free. Despite Microsoft being idiots and failing to please their user base, Bungie slipped this one out for all of us. That makes it great.

What are your favorite DLC's?

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