Polygon Daily: Off-Topic Run to the Hills (Thu 14/2)

Today's header is brought to you by Black Knight Rebel, supporting both Singles Awareness Day and that other one.

Welcome to Polygon Daily. What is this thread you ask? It's your daily Community Off-Topic thread where you're given the floor to talk about anything that's caught your eye over the past 24 hours. Just be sure to stick to the Polygon Community Guidelines, and we'll be golden folks.

Tuesday's header was from Metro 2033, released on Windows and Xbox 360. I guess that one was a little too hard. The hint was in the right hand side of the header (visual distortion from the gas mask). Good luck on today's header! I've moved it to the bottom so the holiday specific header created by Black Knight Rebel can be featured! Double header GET!

Them rules:

  • Place #PDGuess in front of all your guesses. This also allows you to append your guess to the end of a normal comment. Keep in mind, we will be searching ONLY for #PDGuess when we do our search, so it's imperative you include this tag with your answer.

  • You only get ONE guess, so make it count. If you guess multiple times, only your first guess will be counted, even if you get it right later on.

  • Guesses will be taken up until the next Polygon Daily is posted.

  • Even if the first person guesses right, everyone still gets a chance to post their guess. It's not about being first, it's about having the most correct guesses by the end of the month. This makes it fair to people in all time zones.

  • I won't tell you the answer until the next Polygon Daily and I won't be giving any hints. Not even Shaun knows the answers to these headers. You guys can work together with this, as it's not the first person who gets the right answer gets a point, but each person who gets it right that day. However, at the end of each month... THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.


Borderlands 2 for Mac gets Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt DLC and patch by Jenna Pitcher

Darkstalkers Resurrection coming to PSN on March 12, XBLA on March 13 by Emily Gera

Hotline Miami publisher invites indie developers to pitch game ideas on a bus by Jenna Pitcher

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U screens by Polygon Staff

Superfrog HD coming to PS Vita and PlayStation 3 by Jenna Pitcher


From two-person team to Activision workhorse: the rise and rise of Vicarious Visions by Chris Plante

The Sinner's Sandwich: Deadly Premonition's creator on making a good bad game by Philip Kollar

Alice: Ubisoft's plan to change storytelling in video games by Chris Plante


Aliens: Colonial Marines


Comics! Cartoons! Anime! Crisis Vol. 2, No. 8: The Uncanny Seven by chaosbirdomaid

Biggest good surprises of the Wii/Xbox 360/PS3 generation by Sterling Smith

Aliens: Colonial Marines - Let Down? by cheeteur

Best DLC of the Seventh Generation? by The White Falcon

Seventh Generation Gaming: What Was The Best Fighting Game? by troyork


NPCs no longer attempt to open doors while being welded.

"Stop trying to open the door! I try to weld this ****ing door! I SAID STO oh great we’re dead."

Fixed issue where Raven could sometimes pass through welded door.

I know she has supernatural power, but phasing through doors? :p

Fixed issue where Russian players could not drop into a co-op match in some missions.

"Remember, No Russian"

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And that's it for today Polynauts. Tune in tomorrow for more Polygon Daily news updates. If you're looking to create a header like the one used up top, then check out the Polygon Daily header thread.

And remember however to subscribe to our @PolygonAll Twitter feed for all breaking news, and @Polynauts for Community updates throughout the day.

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