Comics! Cartoons! Anime! Crisis Vol. 2, No. 9: Eh, What's Up Ock?

In no way is this volume of Crisis late, It's not like I had a busy week of school or anything, in fact time is just an illusion so, maybe it's not even the present right now? Maybe it's the future? Maybe I'm just making up some bullshit so people forget I'm a week late( J.J is gonna fire the crap out of me)

BreadKnight writing about a Spider-Man book? Shocking I know but please hold all questions.

A lot of controversy surrounded this book when it hit the shelves? Mostly because people are absolutely terrified of change and they felt that Peter Parker fighting to save his loved ones while trapped in one of his greatest nemesis body to the very end of his heroic life and actually convincing a man who once tried to kill 90% of earth to be a hero was somehow Peter going out like a punk. But we're past that, and why are we past that?


Because we have ghosts.

Yeah, so as you may know at the end of Amazing Spider-Man issue 700 Doc Ock more or less won his fight against Spider-Man, successfully swapping his mind into his body by exploiting a device Peter had been using to defeat him since Spider-Island. With Doc now in possession of everything Spider-Man and instilled with a sense of heroism and responsibility by being forced to live through Peter Parkers memory's of self sacrifice and loss. But what now? How is Ock going to actually handle being Spider-Man? The name gives this away, but he's Superior, combined with his intellect and looser morals he's faster, stronger and smarter, laying traps for villains, adding extremely useful gadgets like microscopic spider trackers and claws to his bag of tricks and showing a surprising level of restraint when he has too(Okay, so not when he was prepared to beat Boomerang to death)


Or when he's uppercutting Wolverine.

(Pay no attention to the fact this page is actually from Avenging Spider-Man.)

Oh yeah, and Peter Parkers ghost is sort of haunting Ock, nobody can see or hear him, not even Ock but he's been shown to be able to exert some semblance of control over Ocks actions(forcing him to save a cop, stopping him from killing Boomerang and so on a so forth) All in all, Ock probably doesn't have long with full control over Peters body, but while he does we should all appreciate Dan Slott for trying something new with the Spider-Man Mythos instead of re-hashing the same stuff over and over again. Next up, Joker killing Bruce Wayne and Becoming Batman. The series releases twice monthly and is only up to issue 4 so if you're interested you can still jump in rather easily at this point.

If you don't know who most of these characters are, I don't...I don't even know.

The gist of this series can be summed up in three words. Daffy Duck, Wizard. Alright, so maybe that's a poor explanation. Basically if you take Looney Tunes and transport it to modern day with a more Sit Com-ish story line type instead of the old "Casually racist talking animals" story line type. The main characters of this show, as has really always been the case with Looney Tunes is the pairing of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. In whatever crazy universe this is Daffy is living with Bugs, being a annoying leech and their neighborhood features many recognizable characters all modernized, or in the case of Lola Bunny(Who you may remember from being weirdly sexualized in Space Jam) a terrifying stalker with a crazed obsession with Bugs. Hell even Daffy gets a girlfriend in this show(I know, I've been watching it the from the start and even I'm confused)


Yosemite Sam, he's still an anger fueled idiot

The show doesn't have much unique about it when you get right down to it, it mostly just picks and chooses pieces of other shows and re-purposes them for use in a world filled with Looney Tunes. It's one real unique factor is the songs, the excellent Merrie Melodies are the best part of the show and the main reason I'd suggest it, the actual body of the show is great too but the constant hilarious songs are always pushing it further up my "To Watch" list. Many people don't like the show for changing up the style of Looney Tunes with a more uh...."Realistic" style, but you can decide for yourselves. Re-Run's air on Cartoon Network rather frequently, every weekday at 12:30 P.M. Normally new episodes premier on Tuesday nights at 7:30, but this show has been in a strange state of Flux when it comes to scheduling so if you're interested be sure to keep you're eyes open.

Yoshi said I would like this show, I told him I would watch it. I've forgotten to set my Tivo two weeks in a row, maybe I'll actually watch it this weekend?


Maybe if I had watched those two episodes on Toonami I'd know who these people are.

So, you all know the drill! Use this thread to talk about all things Comic Books, Western Animation or Anime, or maybe we can use this topic to talk about how we're going to conquer the world with our totally existent super powers. Enjoy!

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