Polygon Atelier: Community Art Thread (March/2013)

Hi there Polynauts! TXChris here! For the next month I'll be your host on the monthly thread we came to know as The Polygon Atelier.

wait, what is this Polygon Atelier you talk about?

It's like deviantArt was before the furry/NSFW invasion. And that won't likely happen here, as long as you guys stick to the Polygon Community Guidelines. Other than that, feel free to post your art here, regardless of the format.

Now, I'm just trying to spice things up a bit, using a new format. Like it? Hate it? Let me know.

Eight recommends

Four recommends

Three recommends each

If you have a deviantArt, Beehance, Flickr, Tumblr or Website, you can ask on the comments for it to be posted here.







Marcelo Ardon






Last month I noticed a "level up" on the quality of works being shown, and given the variety of techniques being used on those works, I'm just thinking we might be on to something here.

Update (03-25): Sorry I've been kind of absent these last few days. Busy week for me. Anyway, the poll results seem to show a preference for Video content (either live or not), so I created a Youtube/G+ account called "Polygon Atelier" for hosting the videos and doing the live Q&A sessions.

Now, I would've loved to use Vimeo(it allows downloads!), but since G+ is quite popular here for the hangouts, I figured it would be easier and convenient to have all eggs in one basket.

Anyway... this thing should be rolling by April, with (hopefully) DigitalWolf as our first lecturer. But wait...

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