The Gamer's Grid is now LIVE!!

Heyo everyone!

Today, I'm excited to announce that TGG has finally launched! I've spent hours on this project not knowing when I was going to finish it. As many know I have been working on TGG alone and I'm thankful to those who also helped me test it. So without further ado, LET'S GET STARTED!

The Gamer's Grid is a deals website covering a wide range of platforms such as PC, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS Vita, and many more. So what makes it so different from other websites with the same purpose?

Deal Alerts

TGG alerts you when a deal is available. You might even be notified before it appears on the website. TGG offers this option and will also expand to many others in the future.


If we can receive deals, that means we are also able to track them. You assumed right! The site offers you to have the ability to track deals but not limited to that only. You are able to set additional tracks within a track. For example:

If the title is multi-platform, you are able to set a price per platform and also alter it. Now for those wondering, "well, I just want ONE game plus I only have an Xbox" TGG scope is not just serving one person. For example, let's think about Christmas, a time for family, and extra time to play games. Not all your relatives will have the same platforms you do, and when it comes to gifts it's hard to keep up with deals, specially on Xmas time where there are several deals running. The site helps you search for them, it helps you save money which is also one of its main goal for us (well, me) budget gamers.

Almighty Steam

Many of us are Steam users, if we are Steam users therefore we are PC gamers in a way. TGG imports your Steam Wishlist. However, now you have more choices in stores selling the same item which you might get cheaper if given the occasion. As you have guessed, once the list is imported, if a deal arises you will be notified as soon as possible!

My Grid

My Grid is one of the main features I'm planning to polish in the future. What is "My Grid"? My Grid is a feature that allows you to create your own homepage. The creation of grids can be altered by your preferences. Take in example: You want to track deals of only these Stores: GameStop, Amazon, but also, you only have a Nintendo 3DS and a PS Vita. TGG allows you to set preferences by Store, Platform, Region. Once you've set the grid preference the site will generate the grids accordingly.

Region Support

Besides having a detailed tracking system. Another feature TGG sports is region support. Currently the regions support are United States and United Kingdom.

Login Anywhere

The site allows you to use your Facebook, Google, Steam, Windows Live+ accounts.

How to help?

There's a way you can help TGG. Spreading the word, reporting duplicates (e.g "Darksiders II" but you see "Darksiders - II" or " Darksiders: II"), and reporting bugs!

Certainly there's more to come, this is the first launch providing the main components of the site! I hope you guys enjoy using TGG, if you love the idea behind TGG, SPREAD THE WORD!


TRACK ALL THE DEALS NOW! If you have questions let me know! And for those with suggestions, feature request I'd appreciate if they could be done via e-mail so I get to keep them in my e-mail (in my polygon profile) for further consideration, if not that's ok :'(

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