Nipah goes to Nintendo World (Updated!)

Day #2

I'd love to write something clever, but I spent the better part of the day walking around one of the China towns and what is left of little Italy, riding on a train, and then driving for another hour... So without a lot of exposition, PICTURES. (gonna do it a bit different: side by side images, click for larger ones)

Nintendoboo_medium Nintendoplushes01_medium Nintendoplushes02_medium Nintendoplush03_medium Nintendoworldfront_medium Nintendostairslogo_medium Nintendohats_medium Zelda05_medium Luigismansion_medium Pokemon01_medium Nes08_medium Nes09_medium Nes10_medium Nes11_medium Nes12_medium Nes13_medium Nes14_medium Nes15_medium Floorview01_medium Floorview02_medium Floorview03_medium Floorview04_medium Floorview05_medium Floorview06_medium

Previously, on Nipah goes to Nintendo World...

... seems Polygon Daily is eating my comment, so I shall get around that (and hopefully get you jerks nice folks to gather 'round) and post an entirely new thread about the shenanigans I got up to yesterday.

So a bit of story time: Yesterday, I spent the entire day in NYC… schedule went something like this:

6am – wake up (unhappily)
pick up mom and head to train station
get to train station, buy tickets
exit train at Grand Central -Station- Terminal
take the 6 train, realize that it doesn’t go all the way to Wall St, panic
hop over to the 4 train, breathe a sigh of relief
walk past all the jerks crowding around taking pictures of the Stock Exchange, buy a falafel, make it to the hotel
my brother goes to his work meeting, myself, my mom, sister-in-law, and niece go shopping/exploring
stop of at something called the "American Girl" store. Bombarded with pink
wander down the street looking for somewhere good to eat, notice:


lose my mind for the next 30 minutes

Nes01_medium Nes02_medium Nes03_medium Nes04_medium Nes05_medium Nes06_medium Nes07_medium

I did not grab photos of the GameCube or Wii stuff, because some people would not move out of the way...

Zelda01_medium Zelda02_medium Zelda03_medium Zelda04_medium

after spending $60 in the place, get dragged out by my family
eat lunch at 5 Guys
wander over to Rockefeller Plaza, think to myself "Hey, 30 Rock!"
glance to the left, notice the LEGO Store
lose my mind slightly less than at Nintendo World
forget to take pictures (though honestly, it was really just a fancy LEGO store)
head back to the hotel
stuff stuff stuff
grab a cab back to Grand Central
hop aboard the train, mom and niece in tow
get off train, drive for an hour or so back home
realize that it is almost 2am, and I’ve got work at 8am
groan and go to sleep

and then, I woke up to my alarm, emailed my boss at 7:30 to call in sick, and slept until 1pm

I’ll be heading back on Sunday to drop the little squirt off with my brother before they head home, and I plan to head back to Nintendo World for more pictures and probably spend more money on overpriced stuff.

So even though this was a bit more of a "Yay, I went somewhere cool, look!" post, who else has some photos from similar places? Maybe one of those swanky Sega arcades, or whatever Sony might have to counter Nostalgia Nintendo World.

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