Comics! Cartoons! Anime! Crisis Vol. 2, No. 11: Rahmics! Rartoons! Ranamie!

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Hey again, I see you clicked on this brand spanking new article about the two things I love....Oh yeah and Anime, are you ready for a major shake up? Something so unexpected that you'll all be reeling from it for days on end? Cowering in the dirt thinking that everything you once knew was so intricate a lie that your psyche has no way to recover and you will forever be a broken shell of a man from the time on after you faced the-Oh wait it was Old Man Fitzpatrick in a ghost costume trying to scare us away from his land, turns out there's oil on it or something. Next you guys are gonna tell me a dog can talk or that four losers can replace the Fantastic Four! Or I guess someones soul can be grafted to a suit of armor or some stupid shit like that or something....(It's probably just old man Fitzpatrick again)

Featured Comic: FF Vol 2.


Making more of those fancy headers was time consuming, boring and confusing. Deal with it.

That don't look like no Fantastic Four I've ever seen....But guess what! They totally are....By accident mostly. When the real Fantastic Four must undertake a mission in an alternate universe to solve the problem of Mr Fantastics Molecules destabilizing and as a result killing him, they leave the team of Medusa, Scott Lang(Ant Man) She-Hulk and Johnny Storms current girlfriend pop sensation Darla Deering to watch over the children of the Future Foundation. It's alright though because in the alternate universe the FF are journeying to time moves at a different rate, so what will be a year for them will only be four minutes back on earth, it's been days since the FF has left.


Damn you Paparazzi!

What follows is an extremely fun book, with the team assuming the worst they begin to adapt to their roles as Fantastic Four and as the caretakers of the Future Foundation and all it's eccentric and weird genius children. The comic above all though revels in it's own sense of the weird world of the Marvel Universe, from rapidly aged super heroes, to Mole Man and even to She-Hulk giving a lecture on law to children this book embraces the weird wold all these heroes live in and plays off it in ways that are always fun. in fact that would very much be the best way to describe this book, pure fun, it doesn't take itself ultra serious, it plays all the characters off each other in silly ways and even it's grim premise is made lighthearted with the way the protagonists react to the events around them. Also of mention is Micheal Allerds artwork, it has a fantastic sense of "retro" to it evoking the style of 60's comic books but with much more detail and cleaner art, as a part of Marvels "NOW!" relaunch this is one of the best books to start out with if you want to get into comics, or if simply want a book that knows how to make you smile.

Featured Cartoon: Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated.


The Gang upon seeing an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man at the beach amphitheater.

Now I have a soft spot for Scooby Doo, it's always been a personal favorite of mine ever since I was just a little kid, that one show I can watch in any of it's crazy amount of iterations at any age and still enjoy the same way I did when I was just a child. What makes this one special? Well for one it features something that no Scooby Doo show before ever had, An overarching story line and character development. Much in the style of the last show I featured "The Looney Tunes Show" the idea behind Mystery Inc. was to take the beloved Scooby Doo License and bring it into the 21'st century(this had already been done before with "Whats New Scooby Doo" but the results of it were mostly hit or miss) What resulted was a show that did away with the established formula of the gang driving from place to place foraging for gas and food in a shattered and broken economy....Or whatever reason they were basically Nomads in that original show, and introduced the Town of Crystal Cove, a place full of weird people and legends.


And Ghost Rider apparently.

The real treat of this show however isn't in the monsters, but in the overarching mystery, you see in this universe the Mystery Inc we all know and love are not the first group of people to adopt that name, the mystery of what happened to the former mystery inc runs in the back of the monster of the week idea to great effect, introducing tons of interesting reoccurring characters and plot twists. The other part that makes this show special is the characterization of Mystery Inc, no longer four meddling kids and their dog, Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and even Scooby are all presented as real people in addition to their usual kooky selves and since they're teenagers, you know what that means!


That's right! Weird pornography!

Okay so really it equals out to a High School setting which as we all know equals romantic drama, Fred pairs off with Daphne(Duh) but the interesting pairing in this show comes from Shaggy and Velma, which as weird as it sounds, is pulled off really well and in a way that when combined with Shaggys near symbiotic relationship with Scooby creates some truly interesting tension and many, many hilarious jokes. If you enjoy Scooby Doo at all then this is the take on the characters you really should check out.

Featured Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist


An Anime I've actually seen? What Witchcraft is this?

Yeah, believe it or not I've actually seen an Anime all the way through, and I liked it! To my understanding though almost everyone has seen this thing so I'll just give a brief summary. When their mother dies, brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric attempt to exploit the strange power of Alchemy to bring her back to life, however the process goes horribly wrong and Edward loses his arm and his leg, Alphonse on the other hand loses everything, he would have been killed entirely had Edward not sacrificed his leg in order to graft his brothers soul to a large set of armor. After replacing his arm and leg with robotic limbs in the shows universe called "Automail" the two brothers set out to find a way restore Alphonses soul. The show has a great mix of tones, at any one instant it could be deadly serious and moments later it could be breaking out into a ridiculous joke about two men who forge an instant relationship with the expressive power of their massive muscles. The crazy mix of tones plays to the shows strength and keeps the show from straying too far into grim subject matter, even when one of the major themes is a military genocide.

By the way, was this topic late? I'm sorry I took a little extra time but since getting a job and being in college at the same doesn't leave me with a whole lot of time I'll try to do these things whenever I get the chance. so use that comment section to talk about whatever comic, cartoon or anime you wish and then afterwords maybe we can find out why kids keep breaking into our property exposing our spooky plans.

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