Funny Books! Animated Kid's Shows! Japanimation! Crisis Vol. 2, No. 11.AF: The REAL Crisis

DO NOT CLICK THE OTHER CRISIS IT IS A FALSE CRISIS TELL IT TO GO AWAY. Time for the REAL featured things or whatever. For those of you that are new to this thing, why are you even reading? This is issue 11.AF. Read all the other issues or you'll be completely lost.

Featured Funny Book: Age of Flashpoint: Infinite Wars

So, in this acclaimed series that I've read a whole 3 issues of, all the superheroes that everyone will watch the movies for but won't dare read the source material for get into this huge fight and they fight each other. There's also some political metaphors that'll offend people on both sides of the spectrum (Because there are only two political leanings). Anyway, then there's a shocking twist so shocking that they haven't even revealed it yet (Even though this series is like five years old and I'm just now getting around to it.


Some of the metaphors are more obvious than others.

Now, everyone hates this series because they killed off Character A, but they're missing the entire point. The whole book is supposed to be meta, and while I don't want to spoil it for everyone else, let's just say that The Return of Character A is a book worth reading. Wink wink! Anyway, this comic is out of print so please buy it off of eBay instead of pirating it in order to somehow support the creators.

Featured Animated Kid's Show: Box-Office Underperformer: The Series

So, did you see that big movie last summer? You know, the one that no one went to see and got mediocre reviews but I still loved anyway and will take any opportunity to tell everyone why they're wrong about it? Yeah, that one. Guess what, they made a TV show. Not only does the TV show have way better characters and storylines, but they actually understand the original source material. Unlike *insert movie company here*. Ugh, seriously, they truly adhere to the original canon in this series.


I don't think anyone ever even saw the movie this was based on...

Well, as great as this show is, it's already been cancelled. THAT'S RIGHT I BLAME ALL OF YOU FOR NOT WATCHING IT EVEN AFTER I MENTIONED IT THREE THOUSAND TIMES PRIOR TO THIS! Also, all that merchandise from that movie that bombed was stinking up the shelves so the show couldn't get its own merch out. And as we all know, animated kids' shows live or die based on the merch. Welp, I guess I'm starting a petition. I'll link it later. YOU ALL BETTER SIGN!

Featured Japanimation: Popular Mainstream Anime Everyone Has Already Heard Of

Okay, let me tell you guys about this really cool anime. Now, I'm a HUGE anime fan, but I clearly have discerning taste. I only watch REAL AMERICAN ANIME. If it hasn't been dubbed with corny jokes added where things would normally be silent, it's not worth watching. And it's DEFINITELY not worth watching if it hasn't been on US TV. I mean, would you watch something that isn't good enough for US TV? I didn't think so.


I think this picture speaks for itself.

Now, here's what I love about this show. It's got all of these characters that get tons of development. Ha, just kidding, most of the characters are sidelined so the REAL HERO can show his stuff, and it's all the better that way. Why waste time on people that no one cares about? Then there's the kickass storyline. That's it. The storyline is about kicking ass. Why would you need anything else? The best part? Every now and then you get an episode that isn't just powering up. Makes the powering up episodes SO much better.

That's it for Crisis this week, tune in next week three weeks from now for more awesome, completely original showcases of these similar mediums!

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