You can now crowdfund your favorite cancelled shows back into existence

Somebody finally did it, guys. The best idea ever has been conceived. I just found out about this website called (Show Must Go On) that's been in development for about two years. They launched a private beta last month and their full website on Saturday. Basically, their mission is to revive cancelled tv series with crowdfunding. You can read all the details at their website, but the process essentially goes like this:

1. Suggest a show. If the show gets a good number of suggestions, it goes to the voting phase.

2. In the voting phase they try and gauge how many people would actually be willing to donate money.

3. Once a minimum number of votes is reached, they get in touch with the production studio and the show goes into the funding phase.

4. Funding works like Kickstarter, with rewards and everything.

5. Show gets produced for a single season.

5. Show airs on As a bonus, if you backed the show, you can watch it commercial free.

So tell your friends, tell your family, and tell random strangers too! I really want this to take off. As a guy who watches animation almost exclusively, I'm happy to see that Motorcity is not only one of the first shows included in the voting, but it's up to 60% already! If you could take a few seconds to vote for it, I'd really appreciate it.

By the way, Young Justice fans, I found out about this through a Facebook suggestion because I liked Young Justice. During the beta, they apparently got an overwhelming number of votes for both it and Green Lantern, and so they've been talking to Warner Brothers about it. They'll probably go up on the completed site soon.

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