Need an RPG that'll suck me in, and won't let go!

I've been playing FAR too many twitch games of late, and I really think it's time I get back to a super expansive RPG.

I don't have too many criteria, although I don't like grinding, I don't MIND it, if it adds to the experience in a meaningful way.

Oh, and on PC or PS3. If it's a PC game, it can't be super demanding, like Witcher 2.

I've narrowed down a few:

1.Dark Souls


3.Deus Ex HR

4.ME Trilogy

5.Ni No Kuni

6.Fallout 3/New Vegas

Any other games I should be considering?


1.For Dark Souls, is the difficulty a HUGE barrier of entry? I consider myself a reasonably patient and skilled gamer, but not at the upper echelon. I'm willing to read a little, but it shouldn't come to the point where I simply can't progress through the game.

2.After playing so many twitch games, I feel like Skyrim might feel too aimless, cause a lot of my friends complained about this too.

3.Is this game as good as the original? Is it worth investing lots of time?

4.I played ME2 and LOVED it to death. But a lot of people complain that the games conclusion leaves way too much open. Am I just going to be disappointed after pouring in so much time into the game? Is ME1 worth experiencing at all?

5.Loving the Ghibli vibe from this game, cause it makes you want to explore. But I heard there's TONS of grinding, so I'm not so sure. .

6.Constantly hear great things about these, but the combat looks kind of meh, not too into the whole VATS system. Plus the world seems pretty much brown, and not enticing to explore. And if I MUST play these games, which one? 3 or New Vegas?

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