Help Playtest a Class Project

Hey Polygon community,

I'm currently a student studying game development, and was hoping that you guys could help me out by play-testing my team's class project and filling out the playtesting form.

The basic gist of the game is that you are a mole trying to accumulate vast wealth by mining our minerals in an active volcano. Your goal is to try and find a diamond and bring it back to the volcano's exit before getting burned to death by lava.

To play the game click here. The game was developed for Google Chrome, and should run best in that browser. If the game screen is too big, just zoom out using the browser's zoom functionality (the game's viewport is rather large).

Some important things to note:

  • If you win you cannot fill out the playtesting form (something we plan to change). To access the form, click here. If you lose, you can access the playtesting form by selecting the 'quit' option.
  • If you go to the exit before acquiring a diamond, you will be trapped in an outside area and will have to reload the game.
  • Some of the minerals draw off-screen when acquired, but rest assured you are acquiring them as long as your inventory isn't full (it caps out at 10 minerals).
  • We'll be making improvements to the game and hope to have a relatively complete build by next Tuesday, April 30th.
Thanks a ton!
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