I feel a void whenever I sell my games, I need help.

I sell games to get money and I will hopefully get a job soon (I am a HS student). I sold Borderlands 2 and FFIV to get a 20 dollar amazon gift card to buy Muramasa's collectors edition. I feel like after selling those two, I will never sell my games again. I like to collect and I should make some shelf space. This kind of stuff is depressing me. I also am getting $85 soon and I was wondering if I should pick two which one should I pick out of these three. Rune Factory 4 (I love these games), Shin Megami Tensei 4 (As a person who is about to collect games I think this would do wonders and I loved Persona but never played Nocturne), or Animal Crossing. Hopefully you guys can help. I may also start up collecting art books and make some shelf space on my book shelf for them (I need to take up collecting :D).

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