Just throwin' this out there: The (other) case of Star Wars vs Disney

I'm sure this has already been discussed ad nauseam, but i'd like to throw in my two cents. The closure of Lucasarts is already a fact and now it's the potential sacking of the extended universe that has fans of the franchise worried. I'm one of those fans. But am i worried?

Honestly, i don't know. I love the EU as it contains tons of excellent SW material. I also love the fact that it's expansion has mostly been a concerted effort, one that's kept things consistent in a vast majority of cases. It would be a shame to lose that or at the very least to see it given non-canon status. Thing is, just how big a concern should this be to the fans (i.e. not the content creators who's stake might be bigger)? How big of a concern should this me for me?

I've been asking myself this question (on and off, not like everyday or anything.. seriously.. why are you looking at me like that?) ever since the purchase and i think i've managed to whittle down my thoughts to these few words: if it's cool i'm cool. If the new content is awesome and engaging and i squee like a schoolgirl when playing/watching (as i've been known to do) then it's fine.

Harsh? Thoughts?

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