Comics! Cartoons! Anime! Crisis Vol. 2, No. 14: GET CRAZY WAY!



You know the Avenger that barely got any screentime in The Avengers? He’s got his own comic. And it’s brilliant. Why is it brilliant? It’s about Hawkeye when he’s not avenging. WAIT! Hear me out here, these street level stories of Hawkeye dealing with mobsters and tenants is more interesting than nearly any other Marvel comic on the stands. That isn’t making light of Marvel comics, no, that’s high praise guys. HIGH PRAISE!


There's a lot of this on Tumblr.

Also it has the other Hawkeye from Young Avengers. You know what, how about we get my other Hawkeye to tell you why this book is so good. Now, taste Foxmcloud555’s words in your eyeholes:

"Ok so like I have to talk about Hawkeye now for crisis or whatever, but it’s ok because TL;DR I really like the comic. It’s a more grounded and "real life" approach to an Avenger (the one from that movie apparently), where the characters are the focus. Clint is rarely actually in costume, and when he is it doesn’t shy away from the issue that he doesn’t have any super powers.

It also has my favourite comic book character and Young Avenger Kate Bishop in, who is a strong independent Hawkeye and TOTALLY NOT THE SIDEKICK, and their banter is always fantastic to read. She adds another dimension to Clint with his slightly crappy mentor role, but their genuinely believable friendship is the best part. Food Item Animal is also a pretty sweet character. He doesn’t get enough coverage.

It doesn’t take it’s self too seriously which I like, and even if the action happening at the time is super cereal, Clint and Kate remain either snarky or slightly surreally detached.

The art is really great, especially if you like purple. If you don’t like purple you’re pretty much screwed. Just kidding! It sometimes has other colours.

I don’t really know how else to express my love of this series, except that a few months ago I didn’t read comics, then I read Hawkeye and Saga and now I care about comics. So yeah, read this comic."


Have you seen Rocko? If you grew up in the 90’s you better have or we can’t be friends. Now, for those of you that DIDN’T grow up in the 90’s, Rocko was every great cartoon you see on today, but it was first and it was better. The show had a turtle, a cow, and a freaking wallaby. How many other shows have wallabies? None, that’s how many.

If you aren’t sold on this show already then I don’t know what else will sell you. You can get the DVD of the whole show (Missing a few episodes) FOR $25 GO BUY THAT NOW!



Funny things also happen in this show like the time they go on a cruise but it’s for old folks then the old folks become young and there’s lots of beaver jokes. Also, Angry Beavers, did you like that? This is better. Less howler leaches though.


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And that’s your extremely late Crisis for the week!

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