Anyone bummed by all 3 new consoles?

Now that I've gone through all 3 reveals of these new machines, this is the question I'm asking other people, because it's all I can feel.

I usually tend to make PC my main gaming platform, as some of you may/may not know, but I still always saw a purpose in owning all the consoles because they would get a few exclusives I wanted to play. However, each 3 of these new machines has been a massive disappointment for me in this area: showing me games only their platform can bring.

Nintendo is the least offensive in this area, with Pikmin 3 looking pretty decent, likely some innovation in their staple franchises, and I'm still a huge fan of Smash Bros....but that still isn't going to yield alot of use from the device. I see it as another gamecube that isn't getting the buzz of the Wii, and a lack of third-party support even more apparent with larger companies just giving up after their lack of luck on the Wii.

Microsoft recently just showed their machine, where they chose to focus on the ancillary other media of their device, and basic functionality. I like the actual hardware, where it can easily switch between various apps with no lag, kinect actually seems to work more like intended, the controller looks honestly fantastic....but then zero games. They're going to save them for E3, but when I hear 8 of them are new "franchises", I worry for more AAA games that will either being homogenized cinematic heavy spectacle over gameplay substance, and even if they're actually good...will they be bled dry with sequels? I suppose the silver lining for me is when they announce if their new controller will work for my PC, because I'd probably buy it.

Sony out of the 3 seems to be the one that gamers are more interested in...but I really wonder if it's a choice made because it seems the least worst of the 3, rather than actually a great interesting looking platform. So far they've shown just as little as Microsoft, except their message just focused on "we will be about games", but the results are mostly cinematic trailers with no gameplay shown to tell what they'll be, Media Molecule's terrible wii-music embarrassment, the one gameplay demo was more rote Killzone, some multi-platform Watchdogs, social features I'll never use including the video uploading, and eventually they'll re-charge me for my PS3 games through their cloud service. They also don't even appear really ready for this launch, only they wanted to beat Microsoft, evidenced by them not having the box done, and adding more memory the week before.

Then add in that the only one with backwards compatibility is the WiiU, the Wii being the system with my least amount of games, and my PS3 library filled with HD remakes and PSN classic downloads now completely locked to my PS3.

I just don't see any reason to be excited for any of these machines, and all I can think of is that I'll be spending additional money to make my new PC even better this end of the year, or get an Oculus Rift when it releases.

While I favor my PC, this is the first time I've not been excited by at least one console in a new gen. Other polynauts feel free to echo your thoughts.

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