Anime You Might Not Have Tried/Heard of #5: PUT YA GUNS ON!

So as many of you may already know (or not), I actually haven't watched anime for quite a long time. In fact, I haven't do anything at all (I call it the After-Final-Exam Syndrome), so I thought I may be able to brighten up my "anime mood" by writing this. One thing though, as I'm writing this, I still have no idea what anime I will be talking about, I'm just going along with it as I write, so there might be anime that I have watched long time ago and don't remember much, or maybe anime I have already talked about in the Verge, who knows.



Year: 2007

Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Drama/Action

Episode: 13+2

Studio: Nomad (Rozen Maiden, Yozakura Quartet)

Director: Kobayashi Tomoki (Ichigo 100%, Tears to Tiara)

Adapted From: Original story by Hisaya Naoki (Kanon)

Localized By: Bandai Entertainment


Okamoto Nobuhiko as Morimiya Yorito

Noto Mamiko as Shihou Matsuri

Nakahara Mai as Morimiya Aono


Morimiya Yorito is a high school student who love taking pictures of the sky. One day, as he was hurrying at night to take pictures of the sunrise, he met a mysterious girl, Shihou Matsuri. Next day, he witness that Matsuri was chased by a man wielding a sword, as the man revealed to him that Matsuri is not actually human...


I have to say, I'm actually surprised how unknown this anime is. While it's not the best thing ever created, it's nonetheless a very well written story with plenty of twists and turns that just keep you on the edge. The beginning has a rather slow pace and there are few depressing moments that are created just for the sake of being depressing, but in the same time it doesn't feel forced at all, in fact, you will want to keep watching just to see what will happen next, especially at the climax near the end. The story, while appeared to be a typical romance with slight fantasy elements, does indeed make a big turn in the second half with plenty of other stuff mixed in while not feeling awkward in the same time, which to me, it's one of the strong point of the Sola. If you like twist and turns and something of a mixed genre, than Sola could be an anime for you.



-Touching story

-Lots of genre mixed in, and it works

-Plot twist


-Slow beginning

-Not everything is explained

-No Sawashiro Miyuki

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings


Year: 2009 (1st season), 2010 (2nd season), 2011 (the movie)

Genre: Historical, Action

Episodes: 12+1 (1st season), 12+1 (2nd season)

Studio: Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell, Guilty Crown)

Director: Kawasaki Itsuro (1st season), Nomura Kazuya (2nd season and the movie)

Adapted From: Video game by Capcom

Localized By: Funimation Entertainment


Nakai Kazuya/Robert McCollum as Date Masamune

Hoshi Soichiro/Johnny Young Bosch as Sanada Yukimura

Morikawa Toshiyuki/Travis Willigham as Katakura Kojuro

Koyasu Takehito/Sinterniklaas as Sarutobi Sasuke


In the Sengoku Period, the time where generals and warlords fighting everyday for power and the unification of the nation, there stand two men: Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura, two warriors and warlords met on the battlefield and with the most heated rivalry. However, when the Sixth Devil King Oda Nobunaga, the strongest warlord on the land proved to be a threat to everyone in Japan, the two men decided to stand up and form alliance with other warlords in order to defeat Nobunaga.


"Choose your hero and Slaughter Ahoy! I wish they would've name the game that."

-Mark from Classic Game Room

And I agree with you, Mark. It's Sengoku Basara! ARE YOU READY GUYS? LET'S PARTY! What? You want an anime about a story from the Sengoku Period being portrayed correctly in historical terms? BORING. If we gonna do it, do it in Dragonball Z style!

Now let's talk about what we have in here. As previously mentioned, this is not an anime that sticks to the history book, what we got here instead, it's a bunch of craziness with action scenes where every characters are required to go super saiyan. Story-wise, there aren't much to talk about, evil man oppressed, heroes fight back, as simple as that. However, such simple story is what make the series enjoyable. Crazy actions scenes with badass characters are what the main course is, and the simple and cheesy story makes them shine even brighter. Another thing worth mentioning is the soundtracks. One of my favorite composer Sawano Hiroyuki, who also worked on Gundam Unicorn as well as the new Xeno game for the WiiU, is composer for soundtracks for this anime, not only will this be one awesome trip to your eyes, but your ears as well.

If you want deep story, there aren't any. But if you want party, well, LET'S PARTY!



-Awesome actions

-Badass characters

-Party Craziness

-Great animations

-Masamune's Engrish


-Nothing too deep

-No Sawashiro Miyuki

Ga-Rei Zero


Year: 2008

Genre: Action/Supernatural/Drama

Episode: 12

Studio: Asread (Shuffle!, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Mirai Nikki) & AIC Spirits (Girls Braveo, Strike Witches 2)

Director: Aoki Ei (Girls Bravo, Horou Musuko, Fate/Zero)

Adpated From: Prequel to the manga Ga-Rei by Segawa Hajime)

Localized By: Funimation Entertainment


Chihara Minori/Leah Clark as Tsuchimiya Kagura

Mizuhara Kaoru/Alexis Tipton as Isayama Yomi

Takahashi Shinya/Jason Liebrecht as Izuna Noriyuki


The story revolve around two girls from two strong exorcist family, Tsuchimiya Kagura and Isayama Yomi who both works in the government organization The Agency fighting against any supernatural beings. While the two of them grew up together like two sisters, little do they know that their sisterly love will also lead to a tragic fate for both of them.

"Will you kill someone you love, because of love?"


Most. Deceptive. First. Episode. Ever. (And second episode too.)

The story, well, needless to say it's excellent (why do you think I am recommending you this?). For a story focus on dramas and emotions between the characters, there are really some intense and extreme stuff going on. Other than the story, the way of how the story is being told is also one of the highlight, especially the first two episodes, which are two giant "WTF is going on?". Furthermore, they are also a big setup for the ending and the entire story as well. How everything connect and resonate through the beginning to the ending is simply brilliant.

Some stories rely on the story itself, some rely on storytelling. This anime, to me, it succeeds in both. Not to mention the animation quality is superb for every scenes.

One thing though, if you can't stand violence, you might want to stay away from it. It has some rather gory scenes, to the point that they actually have to blur it out when it was aired on TV (not the DVD releases though, so don't worry).



-Excellent and emotional story

-Great animation quality

-Great storytelling

-Dramas and character developments


-Not for everyone, considered the violence and dark, depressing storyline

-No Sawashiro Miyuki

The Tower of Druaga ~ The AEGIS of Uruk

The Tower of Druaga ~ The SWORD of Uruk


Year: 2008 (1st season), 2009 (2nd season)

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy/Action/Romance

Episode: 12 (1st season), 12 (2nd season)

Studio: Gonzo (Last Exile, Witchblade, Blassreiter)

Director: Chigira Koichi (Full Metal Panic!, Last Exile)

Adpated From: Video game by Namco

Localized By: Funimation Entertainment


KENN/Todd Haberkorn as Jil

Orikasa Fumiko/Trina Nishimura as Kaaya

Hayamizu Risa/Brina Palencia as Ahmey

Goda Hozumi/Chuck Huber as Melt

Chihara Minori/Nonica Rial as Coopa


The story takes place eighty years after the king Gilgamesh has conquered and defeated the Tower of Druaga. As time passed, the tower and Druaga had once again appeared every year in the Summer of Anu. While the army tried to conquer the tower once again every year by marching into the tower, there are also rumors spreading that there is a legendary treasure on the top of the tower, which attracted many adventurers known as the "climbers" seeking for it. The story follows Jil, a young climber who seek to climb all the way to the top of the tower along with his party before his brother Neeba do.


As expected by the writer of Full Metal Panic!, there are plenty of comedies mix in, while in the same time it also has a well balance between the serious plot and the comedy. It also has a very interesting way of doing the first episode by making two different version of it that tell two stories from different view that take place in the same time. The serious part involved the how the party trying to climb the tower. While it seems like a simple story at first, it managed to create a very interesting adventure story and catch you off guard by presenting plot twists that you didn't expect at first. Though in my opinion, sometimes the show kind of overdid it in terms of the shock value, especially the rather rush ending. However, it's nonetheless an interesting story. The comedy part is your typical randomness you will expect, but nonetheless enjoyable. It also pays quite a few homage to the original arcade game, which sadly I didn't fully understand because I wasn't born yet the game came out. But if you have played any version of Tower of Druaga, you will most likely appreciate them. As the animation quality, well it's above average, but not something I would call great, which is a little bit disappointing.



-Interesting story

-Plot twists

-Light humor

-Homage to the original game


-Not-too-great animation quality

-A little bit too much of pointless plot twists

-Rush ending

-No Sawashiro Miyuki

First Love Limited


Year: 2009

Genre: Romance

Episode: 12

Studio: J.C. Staff

Director: Yamakawa Yoshiki

Adapted From: Manga by Kawashita Mizuki (Ichigo 100%)

Localized By: Sentai Filmworks


Ise Mariya as Arihara Mayumi

Itou Shizuka as Enomoto Kei

Toyosaki Aki as Bessho Koyoi

Kotobuki Minako as Dobashi Rika

Fujimura Ayumi as Chikura Nao


The manga features a series of short stories about eight girls in middle school and high school, plus their classmates and relatives.Each chapter focuses on a different main character. These stories are intertwined and eventually lead to a main story involving most of the cast. A series relating the intertwined stories about the "first loves" of several middle-schoolers and high-schoolers. Each episode tends to focus on a different character, however the developments established during previous episodes continue to play smaller roles in those following. As the series progresses, an array of unusual and unexpected love webs begin to blossom.


Sorry guys, I just don't know how to write this part myself... It's a simple story that can be summarize in one sentence of "a story about the first love of a bunch of middle-schoolers and high-schoolers".


Admit it, puppy love story is cute. What makes this different than the others though, it's that instead of having one guy and 4+ girls falling in love for the same guy for no reasons, it tells a story of various different couples (though the anime mostly focus on just one pair), with each of them having their own stories. Animation quality is not the best, but it's not bad either, most of them are passable. The characters, while nothing new, each of them, for both the male and the female, does indeed stands out on their own with a clear and well defined personality (instead of all cast tsundere like some other crap out there). Though in my opinion, the inclusion of two sis-con and bro-con characters is rather unnecessary for a story about first love... Another complain will be about Shounen Jump stop serializing series that aren't as popular as Naruto, because now we are left with an anime adaption that will never have a proper ending.

Overall, if you want romance, but don't want to see a whole harem of girls falling for the same guy for the most ridiculous reasons, here is one.



-Sweet and cute puppy love story

-Well defined characters



-Siscon and brocon

-Story is not finished, and it never will

-No Sawashiro Miyuki

I was gonna write Balssreiter too, but I'm kinda out of energy, so that's it for now, maybe next time, or you can just look it up on the Verge...

Did I just write a thread with no Sawashiro Miyuki at all? That's like randomly picking 5 video games and somehow there are no Nolan North!

Show me your comments, HERE WE GO!

For those of you who are curious about the previous entries:

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