Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 1, No. 1: Get In On The Ground Floor

Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends. We're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside!

That's right people. I'm declaring a revolution against the oppressors who would hold us down and feed us what they deem right! We shall rise up, righteous fury our weapon, and smite those who would keep us cowed under their boot heels!

... or, you know, post Crisis Plight because we like it the way it is. Whatever.

To butcher a Lincoln quote: "and that thread of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Or if you're more into 80's movies: "No one puts Nipah in the corner."

See further down if you're interested in contributing!


Written and drawn by Hiroaki Samura, BotI follows the escapades of Rin, a young girl seeking revenge on a group of swordsmen, and Manji, an immortal samurai and murderer who swore to kill 1000 bad guys to atone.

Overall, the story is slightly grim with a bit of humor injected here and there... It involves a lot of chopping, hacking, and slicing, with limbs and bits getting cut off quite dramatically, so its not for the faint of heart. Characters are well rounded and well written, with only a select few falling into the "blatantly evil"-type casting. Everyone has their reasons for doing what they did/what they're doing, and they're able to realize their mistakes and grow as the story progresses.

Lookit that badass dude.

The artwork... woo, the artwork. Samura is a classically trained artist, and I suppose that gives him a bit of a leg up over your average manga artist. I really can't say enough about his art: the style, splash pages, color work, and even grayscales are absolutely beautiful.

... and sometimes violent.

You can probably find them relatively cheap used on Amazon (or new even), or you could spend some money and give it all directly to Darkhorse instead.

Ok, so... I guess, technically, these aren't cartoons as much as they're animated music videos, but tough! I'm stickin' it to Bread with this Crisis Plight, and doing a bit on the Gorillaz seems like an excellent way to drive dem nails in.

They've got a crazy style, both in sound and in animation. If you're not a fan of the music, we really can't be friends... its as simple as that. If you're not a fan of the animation, you're just a bad person.

There's also a kind of weird video where Murdoc talks and talks about Plastic Beach. I'll leave that one as a link, because 3 YT embeds is where I draw the line.

They've got a lot of random content on their YouTube channel, but I had a hard time finding their videos on it... So the ones linked here are the best I could find.

Its rare that I find an anime that I enjoy watching, and doubly rare when it doesn't involve a bunch of people with swords or super powers punching each other across (and maybe into) planets... but House of Five Leaves ranks really high on my list of anime, and I'll tell you why.

Characters are extremely interesting in the anime, even though there are only a handful of them all together. From a skittish (seeming) samurai, an overpowering ladies man, a geisha and a tavern keeper, it's small cast allows it to delve deep into their interactions and relationships, enhancing their characters and adding nuances as the series goes along.

Something that really stood out to me in this anime was the music... It's really just fantastic. From the quirky intro/credit songs to the more traditional Japanese background music throughout the anime, it has an extremely enjoyable soundtrack.

And as a bonus, it's free to watch on YouTube!

So when you get tired of watching two guys with funny hair yelling special moves at each other, give it a try.

A few extra words, for your pleasure:

Plight is by the people and for the people!

I’ll be accepting anyone and everyone who wants to do one on a first come, first serve basis.

Leave a comment with your prefered week (every other week is a good schedule, so next slot is Aug. 7th, then Aug 21st, and so on). I will edit the post in the coming weeks with updated info on who is doing the next few... might get a Google doc going so people know what's what.

Also: I can either hand out the header files (layered PSD) or people can send me the images they want to use and I can work my magic… either way works.

A file that will hopefully get more information as we move forward.

The featured header file (Photoshop 5)

The main Plight header file (Photoshop 5)

This is the end of the post.

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