Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 1, No. 3: FLCL. FLCL? FLCL! Or was it kitty tanks

So plight. Is that what we’re calling it now? Hmmm alright, I can take a relacunch. So you all know me from crisis, but just in case you don’t, I’m Zombie and I’m running the show today. Now last week was suppose to be manly, lets try something a little more surreal and weird, shall we?

When I picked up this book, I picked it up because I saw the art and humor and thought "this looks good". I was wrong. It was AWESOME! The book is essentially a collection of short stories with some that are very loosly connected. One story involves Tank Girl raiding a drug dealers place but accidentally starts tripping on acid, while another one she enters a swearing constest. Its all really good stuff. The writing is just mad, but in a way that you will learn to love. Sometimes things wont make a lick of sense, and that’s okay because its Tank Girl, so she would probably just kill anything making sense in the end anyway.


This book also gives a great feel for the characters. Jet Girl, Tank Girl, Barney, Booga. All of them special in their own unqiue psychotic way. I should also mention the art at this point. Its drawn in a colorful while still holding that unique punk style that is Tank Girl. Imagine Quentin Blake art had he been on drugs. Now the book isn’t that expensive. Its got a nice hard cover and is simply fantastic to read. I would whole heartingly recommend this to anyone who doesn’t mind a little crazy.

Bee and Puppycat is a weird little show, coming straight from Adventure Time creator Pedaltin Ward. It about a girl named Bee who has just recently become unemployed and seeks work with a temp agency. Needless to say things don’t look very good for our protagonist. That is until the mysterious Puppcat falls from space, right into Bee’s head. As it turns out Puppycat is just as his name states, part puppy and part cat. He also may be a cursed space bandit but that is neither here nor there. Anyway it turns out puppcat has space tempwork, and with that Bee tags along and together they get paid to do work.


This series is adorable. Its like adventure time channeling Studio Ghibli but with twice the charm. The awkwardness of Bee really helps make this series great and adds to a lots of its personality. Puppycat’s adorable voice also makes for some cute encounter, but when he tells stories it creates an almost Legend of Zelda vibe to it. The animation is silky smooth and has a nice variety of colors, often leaning towards purple and darker blues but then to pink and white. Bee and Puppycat is free and available on the internet.

FLCL is one of those weird shows that are hard to explain and strange to experience. Its has metaphors and romance but sometimes it drops all that for comedy and robot fights. Some times its meta and 4th wall breaking but then certain characters are oblivious to whats happening. Its weird and its wont tell you what going on. It might drive you mad, and if it does FLCL will laugh at you for it. Its got pirates, robots, guitars, mopeds, and more sexual tension than you can shake a stick at. Whats not to love? Flcl09_medium

So lets talk about what FLCL is about. Seriously what is FLCL about? FlCL is a show that goes from normal artsy ish type anime focusing on adolescences vs adulthood in a serious manner, then just decided to change it and become crazy robots popping out of peoples heads. Seriously. Robots coming out of peoples heads. That’s crazy awesome in so many ways. The main one of these robots is Canti who eats up the main character and fights with a fly guitar. Other characters include Haruko Haruhara, an alien woman with a super powered electric guitar and moped who pulls the aforementioned robots out of the main characters head, and Naota the main character. Also the eyebrows guy.


In the end FLCL is one of those shows that just need to be seen to understand the true experience. The characters are fun, the story takes you for a ride. The animation is top notch and that last episode, oh lord that last episode is all kinds of awesome. Its an anime for people who love anime. Its an anime for people who hate anime. Its an anime for those who want brainless robot fights and for those who want to deconstruct things with metaphors and symbolism. This is an anime for all the lovers taking a chance with one another. Wait, no that’s lyrics to a Plain White T’s song. Regardless you should still watch it.

Well that’s all from me in my first Plight/Crisis /whatever this is. I know I will do more, but until then keep it weird. Also a big thank you to Shaun for helping me out with the headers. Also view the following.

A file that will hopefully get more information as we move forward.

The featured header file (Photoshop 5)

The main Plight header file (Photoshop 5)

Zombie out.

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