Polynauts Game Night: Torchlight 2


Hey everyone! Cobaltios here with this week's game night idea. Now, odds are this will probably fall flat on it's face and we'll never hear about it again, but I feel that a bunch of us probably do already own this game in some fashion. I think... I'm not 100% certain about the details, but I'm pretty sure.

Now, seeing as I've never actually played this in multiplayer before... I'd need to test things out prior to this in order for it to work. That being said, it shouldn't be all that difficult to do. Where the tricky part starts basically involves the mods. Oh yes, we're doing this. See, you can play modded multiplayer, the catch is, I'm not sure if we'd all need the same mods, or roughly the same mods; again, I've never done this, so I have no way of knowing.

'Course, since we are playing a modded multiplayer, I have figured of certain mods we could use for a... "diverse" playthrough. That would mean that I have a couple of mods that would essentially mean that we wouldn't necessarily be using the 4 default classes up for grabs; makes things a bit interesting. The other part is that I have knowledge of an 8 player multiplayer mod that allows for up to 8 players instead of the usual 4. No idea how that's supposed to work, which is why I'll be doing some research on it.

So... yeah. Nothing really special about this, no prizes to be won, just a bunch of us here from Polygon seeing how far we can make it in a game of Torchlight 2.

I'll be updating this thread later with the mods we'll most likely be using... but if you've played this modded and know of some mods we could use and have a certain preferred list, let me know!

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