Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 1, No. 2: Heavy Metal Cowboy Killers


Plight Issue 2, and we're already calling in a GUEST SHOT. You'll know me as Paddy from the internet, and this week, Plight is going to be showcasing some of the most kickass comic based things in recent memory.

There is no IMHO here, these are the most kickass things. Don't even try and argue.

Because I can kick your arse out.



Let's kick this off on the right foot (is that a saying?). Preacher is Garth Ennis and Steve Dillons seminal series, critically acclaimed, and setting the benchmark for adult comics for years to come. The story is righteous, and the art is perfect, Steve Dillon can draw a good cowboy. Released in nine volumes, it's easily available from your nearest comic retailer, and is well worth your time and money.

Preacher follows the Reverend Jesse Custer, after he becomes bonded with a power equal to that of God himself, and takes it upon himself to hunt God down and make him answer for his crimes. Jesse can speak with the power of God, compelling those who listen to do as he says. Couple this with an take-no-shit cowboy attitude and a tendency towards righteous violence and you have get of the toughest sons-of-bitches to walk the Earth. Look here, he's spitting on GOD.


It's not all Jesse though, he has some help. Along the way he picks up his ex-girlfriend Tulip, one of the greatest female characters in comics. She's tough, capable, a crack shot but still tender when she wants to be. Jesse also picks up Cassidy, a hard-drinking, hard-living, Irish vampire. Cassidy is everyone's best mate, and can, to quote the man, "take a shotgun blast to the chest and still run like Jaysis."


It's tough to even scratch the surface on the rest of the book, as part of the charm is the amount of turns and surprises the story has, but I'll try. You've got angels, demons, sex, violence, swearing, vampires, perverts, cowboys, serial killers, secret cults, maniacs, voodoo, midgets, Nazis, and almost every offensive thing you can think of. Did I mention Arseface? This is Arseface.


Preacher is my absolute god-damn favourite comic series of all time, I've read it at least ten times, and it remains as kickass today as it did when I first read it. Do yourself a favour, cowboy up, walk tall, and delve into the best grown-up comic series out there.

Sound like a plan?


Moving on!


Imagine a world where a death metal band could be the biggest band in the world. Bigger than Elvis. Bigger than the Beatles. A band so powerful that their whims affect world events on a grand scale. That band is Dethklok, and you'll find them in Metalocalypse, the most metal cartoon that ever existed.

Created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, Metalocalpyse follows the lives of Dethklok, a death metal band whose success has transformed the world around them. The episodes are usually quite short, and revolve around the band dealing with such brutal issues as food shopping, therapy, or even dieting. The music is absolutely kickass, and rarely has a TV show had a soundtrack album that you actively want to go and buy. Seriously, listen to this stuff. LISTEN TO IT!


A streak of bad luck follows the band wherever they go, affecting everyone around them. Shows regularly turn into massacres, with stages exploding, or scalding coffee being brewed in a volcano, causing an eruption. Once, they summoned a Finnish lake troll by accident. Every episode has something new and brutal in it, and some of the scenes can get pretty damned creepy. I mean, don't get me wrong, they're funny, but man, some messed up stuff happens in this show.

The band themselves are all exaggerated versions of real-world musicians. Skwisgaar is the lead guitarist, tall, blonde, Swedish, and impossibly good at his guitar, usually never putting it down. William Murderface is the fat, ugly, self loathing bassist, who has as little regard for his own health as he does for the "regular jack-offs". The personalities of the band really shine, and the dynamics between them are what keeps the show fun and fresh. Oh, and sometimes this will happen.


There's a wide supporting cast here, those who don't get immediately killed anyway. Their manager Charles Foster Offdensen is a particular highlight, with a calm, reasonable demeanour regardless of how much the band get on his nerves. The other, most notable highlight is the rock and roll clown pictured up top. He's Dr Rockso. He does cocaine. A lampoon of KISS perhaps, but hits the spot every time.

It's not all sunshine and metal though, there's a creepy overall plot running through this thing. A secret committee are watching the band, attempting to stop them getting too powerful. Their leader Mr Salacia is a freaky, supernatural being, who's motives are unclear, but seem to revolve around the Metalocalypse, and using the band to kick it off. It's still not even half resolved on revealed yet, but the destiny of the band seems tied in to it.

Metalocalypse is one of the most metal cartoons out there, with four seasons and three albums to their name so far. Do yourself a favour and acquire it, the way Nathan Explosion acquires sausages below.


And Finally!


The anime people amongst you should already know all about Death Note, but for those who don't watch a lot of anime, like myself, let me reassure you that Death Note is really damned good.

The story focuses on young Light Yagami, a smart student who finds a book that can kill people. Stay with me. The book is a Death Note, and possesses the power to kill people by simply writing their name. Instructions can be added, that will occur if reasonably possible. Light starts to use this book to change the world for the better, with each stroke of the pen killing another criminal.


Tagging along with Light is Ryuk, a God of Death who drops the notebook into the human world for fun. He follows Light around, helping him learn how to use the notebook properly. As Light becomes bolder, the world starts to take notice, and Light fashions himself as Kira, an force of justice, preying on the bad and protecting the good. The police don't take too kindly to this, and enlist the help of a professional.

The man in question is L, a genius detective who has never left a case unsolved. What follows is a battle of wits between Light and L, both trying to catch each other out, going to incredible lengths to prove or disprove the others theories. The back and forth between the two is fascinating, and this duel of minds is what hooked me into the show.


This show will make you think, make you confused, but is super entertaining, even if you're not an anime fan. No magical schoolgirls, no flying robots, just two clever bastards trying to catch each other out.

You want to go watch this now don't you?


I'm sorry, I couldn't not use this image somewhere.


This episode of Plight was bought to you by PaddyStardust, who wanted to do a Crisis for ages and finally found a gap to squeeze one in. As per Nipahs original post, anyone and everyone can do a Plight, so leave a comment with your preferred week and we'll see what comes up.

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See you next time, true believers!

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