Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 1, No. 4: Dark Knight Takeover edition! Not the one you need, but the one you deserve!


Welcome Polynauts, to a place where we gather to discuss COMICS, CARTOONS AND ANIME. If you know me at all, or even take a glance at my username, you might notice there is a thing that I like a lot. That’s right: BATMAN. So it’s about time that I stepped up and gave the good ‘ol Caped Crusader what he deserves. What’s that? Well, his own Plight post, of course! Accompany me on this wild (not really…well, depends on if you take the recommendations) journey across different mediums and let’s find some great ways to experience who the Dark Knight is.


Shot through the head, and you're to blame, darling you give love a bad name...

Joker being shot in the head. So starts Grant Morrison’s massive run on BATMAN. If there is one way to summarize the whole run, I would do so on one idea that is explicitly represented in the comic: Batman and Robin will never die. The people might not be the same, but the idea shall live on forever, in multiple forms. But let’s get back to the beginning. Starting by introducing Batman’s biological son with long time occasional enemy and lover Talia Al GHul: Damian Wayne; this big addition to the Batman mythos is just the beginning. Featuring the return of ideas previously thought to have vanished from continuity, and also the introduction of bod new ideas, this run probably has something for everyone at some point. The Return of an old enemy, Batman’s biggest challenge so far, The Death of Batman, The Absence of Batman being filled by his allies, The Rebirth of Batman, Batman as something global, Batman as a Super-Hero, Batman as an idea; but most importantly: Batman as a father.

"Starting today, we fight ideas with better ideas. The idea of crime with the idea of Batman."

For a long time, this run was the guide for a lot of other writers who also helped bring us other great Batman adventures at the time. I could go on and on about this run, from the time that Batman’s first partner, Richard "Dick" Grayson filled the boots of Batman with Damian Wayne (Batman’s son) as his Robin, to having multiple Batmen around the world; but I’ll just leave you with a simple guide for reading most of this run; and a big recommendation for it. And just remember: BATMAN & ROBIN WILL NEVER DIE.



Why didn't you choose Batman: The Animated Series? Calm down, there’s an explanation, at least for me. This series is what first got me into Batman, and eventually into comics. This means, that while maybe not as impressive as BTAS, it holds a much more special place in my heart. The series starts 3 years into Bruce Wayne’s career as Batman, with him still being chased by the police. As the series progresses, we get a natural progression of the character, with him making allies like Detective Ellen Yin, being accepted by the Gotham PD (thanks Gordon!), the introduction of Batgirl, Robin, and finally the Justice League itself. The series has some interesting takes on classic villains, that distinguish themselves from their comics counterparts mostly by their design (ie: JOKER). It’s a fun series that features a modern take on a young Batman, and it works. Also..that theme.


Anime...yeah...anime. I'm not very big into anime, but I managed to find something to talk about. That thing is none other than Batman: Gotham Knight, an animated film set in the world of the Nolan films that bridges the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The movie is comprised of six tales all done by different animation studios, featuring Batman facing off against characters such as Scarecrow, Killer Croc and Deadshot. Yet the charm of the film is not in it's story, but on the different animation styles. The film features work from studios such as: Studio 4°C (Catherine, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox), Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell, Tales of Symphonia), Bee Train (.hack// series, Madlax), and Madhouse (Ninja Scroll, Death Note); and features the work of writers such as Greg Rucka, David S. Goyer, Brian Azzarello and Alan Burnett. In short, it's an outpouring of talent from the comic book and anime world in one film. It also features the voice of Kevin Conroy as Batman, and that is always a plus. Embedded below is the final episode of the movie, which is animated by Madhouse and written by Alan Burnett (of Batman: The Animated Series fame). The rest of the episodes of the movie are also available on the same Warner Bros "Beyond the Lot" YouTube channel.

A file that will hopefully get more information as we move forward.

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The main Plight header file (Photoshop 5)

DAY ONE: BATTLE OF THE EVIL! FOREVER ATOM! wait I think I mixed those two up...


In an attempt to draw a little bit more attention to Plight!, I'll try to do a few updates until the next one is released, focusing on recent things related to comics/cartoons/anime, to drive a little bit more of conversation.

Okay, this week marks the release of the first issue of both Battle of the Atom, the newest X-Men crossover; and Forever Evil, the first major crossover of the New 52. Both are regarded as having major implications for their respective universes. So, how does time work now in the Marvel U after Age of Ultron? And just what happens to Nightwing in Forever Evil?



So, after 6 seasons and 4 movies, Futurama has come to an end (again). Even if I never quite managed to get into the series, I've heard mostly good things about it, so it's sad to see them go. But fear not, for there is one more adventure left for them in a future Futurama/Simpsons crossover episode! Will the series come back yet again? Who knows?

On the comics side, the creative team of Batwoman, J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman have left the book citing heavy editorial interference. This comes in the wake of multiple New52 creative differences, the most recent one being Kevin McGuire being fired from Justice League 3000, which just gave Marvel and opportunity to scoop him up, as he will be doing a future issue of Guardians of the Galaxy with Brian Michael Bendis, who has always expressed interest in working with him.



On what could be qualified as a rather slow news day, there are still some new things to talk about. The artist for the Harley Quinn book has been revealed as none other then Chad Hardin. Harley Quinn is an upcoming series from DC comics written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, starting with a #0 issue that will feature a different artist on every page, as Harley herself chooses the artist for the series.

Also, we get our first look at the cover of Inhumanity #1, the next Marvel event after Infinity. Also, if don't mind something slightly spoilerish, have your first look at Batman's Zero Year outfit with a Detective Comics #27 homage thrown in too;



So I was going to do a weekend update, but bad internet connection got in the way. Anyway, during the weekend we go the return to normal schedule for the show Beware the Batman, and of course I have to talk about it. This week's episode was titled "Family" and featured the appearance of none other than Lady Shiva herself, and the induction of Katana into the Bat-family.

Today, Marvel announced it's second wave of Marvel NOW! titled All-New Marvel NOW! (gotta cash in the All-New brand name, it's working for All-New X-Men, even if that's because it's a great book. Anyway, new titles announced include a modern version of the Invaders featuring the original members, which is kinda cool. Also, the previously announced/rumored Inhuman and a renumbering of Avengers. Basically, it works to attract new readers by acting like a new "TV Season", which might end up being a good move, we'll see. Also, these #1 (or .NOW issues...don't ask) will include the last issue for free as a digital download, and in some cases, the entire previous collection of issues as a digital download. Which is pretty freaking great, if you ask me. Also, DC solicitations are up, judge them with thine own eyes.



Marvel solicits for December are out, and there are some highlights I found interesting. Wolverine will team up with Cyclops to fight Sentinels! Kevin Maguire's GoG art revealed! (he was unceremoniously fired from Justice League 3000 recently, Brian Michael Bendis scooped him up quickly for some Marvel work) Cataclysm continues as Miles visits the main Marvel Universe! Will that be his new home? Is this the end for the Ultimate Universe? We'll find out next year!

Related to Batman on the Superman/Batman movie, a WB executive recently said that he would be "kind of tired and weary and seasoned and been doing it for a while." Interesting, we'll see. Also, Ant-Man is now releasing earlier than expected, now on the summer of 2015. Which is crowded as ****.

Also, as you can see, Richard "Dick" Grayson, the first Robin, then Nightwing, then Batman, then Nightwing again; won the poll for Best Robin thanks to your votes. Also, there is like no love for either Damian or Jason in here. :P



What's there to say? She's back in less than an hour. Let's discuss about it in the comments below, but remember to use spoiler tags; not everyone will be able to watch it at the same time. Anyway, HYPE! It's time! Korra's back!



This issue of Plight is nearing it's end and I just wanted to feature this guy's art. It's just...freaking beautiful. Take a look by yourself.

That's it for today! Got anything else you'd like us to talk about? Let us know in the comments! Discussion is always appreciated!

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