Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 2, No. 3: The Infinite Sadness that will pierce the heavens!

Aaaaaaaaaw Snap! Is it time for another Plight? I think it is. I also think I put this off until the last minute and now am cleverly trying to cover up any possible half-assed work. Now seeing as the last two plights I did were Holiday specials and they went over pretty well, so I got to thinking about doing one for Valentines day. Then I realized Valentines Day is freaking far off, "He Is My Master" (besides FLCL, maybe, sorta?) is the only anime I have ever seen that love could even remotely play a major part, and there are no cartoons about love for we are a jaded species. So instead I just choose to talk about things that I love.

So without further delay, lets share the love.

I love this comic. And the best part is this comic is about love. Funny how that works out. Before I get off track let me break it down. Scott Pilgrim is a slacker, well meaning, loveable geek who’s had an interesting love life. He lives in Canada with his gay room-mate and all around awesome person Wallace Wells, and plays in a Band with his friends. His life takes a change when he meets Ramona Flowers, a girl who Scott falls head over heels for instantly. And as simple as it would be just to date her, Scott has to do one thing before that. He has defeat (AKA beat them up until they explode into coins) Ramona’s 7 evil exs (not ex-boyfriends because there was that one time she had a phase). To make matters worse, Scott will have to face his own past relationships, and the current one he is in with Knives Chau, as while fighting off super powered vegans, movie stars, and ninjas. All in the name of Love & Video Game references.


So Scott Pilgrim is an indie comic that really goes above and beyond. The art style is done in a weird mix between American Cartoon and Japanese manga, leaning more towards the manga end of things. It was created by Bryan Lee o'Malley, and it really is his magnum opus. Its got everything you want in a comic. Ninja fights, dimensional portals, battle of the bands, movie stars, video game references, and soooooo much humour. Its also got really good characters. Wallace Wells is probably the greatest roommate/Gay character there will ever be, even if he does steal your sister’s boyfriend. You can pick this comic up in its original black & white paper back or you can get the slightly more expensive hard cover colored edition. Or the Evil edition if you like special covers.


Oh Kim.

We will not be intimidated by Criminal Threats.

In the year 2039, Gotham City has no heroes. Its people, no hope. Its youth, no future. Terry McGinnis, a well meaning but brash teenager was part of the problem, until a moment of violence brought him to the door of a man named Bruce Wayne, who was once known as The Batman. Forced into retirement by his body’s inability to keep up with crime fighting, Bruce had no choice but to hang up his cowl, despite his suites advance technological abilities. But with Terry, the two can now work together to make the city a better place Now the Dark Knight must rise again to drive the shadow of evil from the streets of Gotham. But as the time changes, so do the faces of evil. Now this new Batman will have to take on Joker inspired gangs, a woman made of ink, mutated monsters, and even an out of control Justice League. But with friends like Max and Commissioner Barbara Gordon, the previous Batgirl, he just might make it out alive. So all superstitious and cowardly foes beware, because theres a new Batman in Gotham City. And he’s beyond capable.


Batman Beyond is probably my favourite DC animated anything. Heck its probably my favourite Superhero cartoon. Its just so interesting in everything it does. The future setting is this dark cyber punk esq world that you just want to see more of. And Terry as a character is just great because he not Bruce Wayne. He isn’t the Billionaire who trained with Ninjas to become the worlds greatest detective. He’s just some kid. And that kid became Batman. But whats even better is Bruce Wayne, the mentor who guides Terry on his journey. Whats so cool about him is that unlike other versions of Batman who keeps being Batman until they die, this one had to give it up due to heart issues that even his super suite couldn’t make up for, to the point where he almost used a gun on a criminal. Its a really cool idea and the do it perfectly. Props also have to go to the sound and visuals which are just fantastic and really set the mood for the show. I also like how they went out of their way to make up villains rather than just have Future versions of all of Batman’s old ones.


Another thing that separates this series is the darkness. A lot of the bad guys die, some in very very violent deaths. Theres one guy who we are let to believe is surgically mutilated to death. Thats kinda fucked up. But thats Batman Beyond. Its not afraid to go into uncomfortable territory. I should also mention that since this was part of the DCAU there was a crossover with Static Shock, and two crossovers with JLU, one of which serves as an epilogue to the series. It also lead into another show called The Zeta Project and had a crossover with it as well. There is also a brief cameo of Terry in Brave and the Bold. Lastly there was a movie which really shows how this show wasn’t afraid to go dark and serves as an end to the adventure of Batman and Robin.

But seriously go watch this series.

Watch this. Stop reading this if you haven’t seen this show. I don’t need to tell you what its about because its something that people need to experience. But since I have to describe things, I’ll just put some things down so that you can correct anything I say.


The story of Gurren Lagann is about Simon, a child who lives in a underground village who finds a little robot and mini drill while digging to expand his village. The series takes place in a post apocalypse world where humans are forced to live under ground until one by Beast Men who work under the reign of the Spiral King. One day a giant Robot breaks into the village along with the Redheaded Yoko, who helps Simon and his friend Kamina escape their underground home and go to the surface. From there they make more friends, get more robots and things get a lot more crazy. The series is broken into two halves, one during the beginning of the series while the second half is a time skip to many years later. Each half is also broken into two additional halves, with each quarter focusing on a certain character. First is Kamina, second is Nia, third is Rossiu, and the forth is Simon. There was also two movies made based on Gurren Lagann and act as abridged versions.


Gurren Lagann is one of the best animated series of all time. I can say that without a doubt in my mind. I don’t think Ive ever seen a series get you so happy and excited only to make you sad at the end. And it does this a lot to the point where you are not sure how the events are going to unfold. And thats awesome. This series just has so much energy in this series that you just cant help but share in the excitement. But it goes beyond just hyperactive characters who are hyperactive. When someone talks it borders on insane encouraging dribble and legitimate inspiring words. When someone dies, that death has weight. And just before that person dies, it will give you the glimmer of hope something good will come out of it, even if death comes. Everything has a purpose, and everything is crafted so well. Its beautifully animated, and its the only series to tackles the ideas of religion, humanity, politics, Government policy, and what makes something truly alive, all with Giant Robots. The biggest robots actually, because it doesn’t get bigger than Gurren Lagann. What you think Im lying? Just who the hell do you think I am?!?

Well I guess thats it for this Plight. I wish I could have written more but you know, laziness. Special thanks to Nipah for his best headers yet.

Zombie out.

A file that will hopefully get more information as we move forward.

The Featured header file (Photoshop 5)

The main Plight header file (Photoshop 5)

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