E3 predictions and wishlists?

So E3 is about two and a half months away, which means the leaks should start to trickle out any day now. I was wondering if anyone had any predictions/wishes for the show. Figured it'd make for good conversation on a crappy rainy day. Here's mine. I only focused on the new gen consoles.


Vita price cut down to $130, and ps4/vita bundle announced for $500.

Last of us ps4 confirmed.

Uncharted 4 shown, not demoed.

Driveclub shown in depth, demoed, and playable on show floor. Wows everyone in attendance. Gran turismo not shown as Sony doesn't want to over shadow drive club.

Little to no project morpheus info. Won't be ready till next year, so sony will focus on other things and let morpheus take center stage at a later date(tgs/ces)

Final fantasy XV shown. Looks awesome, but still nothing like the final fantasy games we grew up on.

Kingdom hearts 3 trailer, demoed for crowd. Impressive.

Lots of hype and trailers from third party multi plats

Conference closes with brief teaser for God of War

Ps now detailed and dated


Show opens with halo video. Graphics look great. In game demo shown, lots of xbox one praise thrown around. 1080p 60fps mentioned at least twice. Revealed to be halo 5 coming next year.

Titanfall success is hyped. Dlc shown, announced as a timed xb1 exclusive.

Lots of third party games shown. Many games hit 900p, some 1080. Lot of EA games shown.

Big call of duty showing, as always.

Games with gold expands to xb1, dead rising 3 first game gifted to users.

Xbox live compute demoed, impresses some, confuse others. Lots of apps shown, hopefully a ufc app included. Backwards compatibility shown through streaming service similar to ps now.

Fable legends shown, fails to impress.

Forza horizon 2 announced

Brief video to reveal gears of war for xb1. Mainly a voiceover playing as a war torn city is shown.

Quantum break shown in detail, wows everyone.

Lost Odyssey 2 unveiled #pleasegodletitbetrue

Show closes on a halo video. 1080p 60fps mentioned again. Video looks as good as the first. Announced as Halo 2 anniversary edition, coming this November.


Small show, online like last year.

Price cut. Nintendo investors won't be thrilled, but it will shut them up when sales spike like never before as the Wii u drops to $230

Twilight princess, Mario galaxy, and metroid prime get hd remakes like wind waker. Release dates in September, October, and November

Gamecube added to virtual console

Super smash bros shown and dated, coming in December.

Zelda Wii U shown, announced for 2015. Impresses everyone. Nintendo could steal a lot of hype by surprise announcing this during one of the big two's conferences.

That rumored metroid/star fox crossover from retro turns out to be real. Shown twice, once as flight simulator style star Fox game, and once as fps metroid.

Also think next gen/pc version of gta v is announced, but can't figure out who's conference it will be at.

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