Batman Trilogy Ultimate Collection Blu-Ray & Bond 50

Lately I'm starting to get the itch to buy me some Blu-rays. For some reason, I think that Blu-rays and physical media are making a resurgence and that the format will be around for awhile especially with 4k Blu-rays on the horizon.

Anybody have any suggestions to must own Blu-ray movies? What do people think about the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy Ultimate Collection and Bond 50? I wonder if I should wait for 4k versions?

I actually just picked me up copies of some old Van Damne classics like Maximum Risk and Double Impact. These testosterone filled movies where the guy escorts a damsel in distress is definitely missing from today's cinema. I guess that's why I bought them.

I guess everyone has there own tastes but it would be cool to hear what kinds of movies appeal to the Polygon community!

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