Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 2, No. 9: Do you Believe in Magic?

Okay so I guess its my turn to do a plight. Dont mind if this plight is late or poorly written. Im sick and I’ve been coughing up things I didn’t realize had gotten into me and I just want to lay in bed and play Wind Waker until Free Comic Book day comic comes around. But I cant, because I have a job to do. I made a promise and Im going to keep it.

Warriors. Come out to play-ay. Oh wait no these are different warriors. These one are in the Power Pack. Okay so lets break down what its about. So the Power Pack are four children, all siblings, who encounter an alien horse who with its dying breath gives them each special powers. Think Green Lantern but much weirder. The children include Alex, Jack, Julie, and Katie. Together they are the power pack and they fight for justice while trying to keep it all a secret from their parents. This story however is not about justice but rather they’re Grandmother, because she is dying. The Power Pack dont take this too well but they find out that Asgard has golden apple that keep Asgardians young, and they hope that maybe they can save her. But it wouldn’t be a Thor story without Loki and his tricks. But with the help of Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Throg and his pet Avengers, the Power Pack might just be able to save their Grandmother and all of Asgard as the legendary Warriors Four.


Okay so this comic is fun. Like really really fun. If you ever miss when comic didn’t have to be all gloomy and depressing and just wanted to entertain you, then by all means pick up this mini series. Its got everything. Funny lines, just the right amount of weirdness that comes when you mix these two series together. And I haven’t told you the best part. Everyone gets turned into babies. There is nothing more adorable then watching baby Thor ride baby Beta Ray Bill. Well maybe Baby Enchantress but hey its a close second. I should also mention this is a really well drawn series, theres always something going on in the background. It really is a fun book. Oh did I mention each issue has an on going side story about where Hercules babysits the Power Pack and tells them about how he formed the Champions of Los Angeles with Black Widow and Ghost Rider, but then has a tea party and talks about how he held up the Sky after beating up some Hydra agents. Yeah so we have a story with Thor, Throg, Beta Ray Bill, and Hercules. Its a pretty good Thor story by those standards alone. Go buy it if only to see the many haircuts of Beta Ray Bill.




Welcome to Berk, home of sheep and villagers. Oh and dragons. Lots and lots of violent dangerous dragons who run a muck in the village and steal their sheep. And you see Berk residents dont particularly like this so they taken up the occupation of Dragon Killing. The head of this village is Stoick the Vast, and underneath him is his son Hiccup who will take over and protect the village once Stoick dies. Only Hiccup’s not very good at well, most things. No matter how hard he tries he cant seem to help the rest of the villagers when it comes to killing dragons. So instead he spends his time with Gobber making weapons for others, wishing he could do something more helpful. The during a dragon raid on the village, Hiccup’s invention snares the legendary dragon called The Night Fury, a dragon that moves so fast that no one has ever seen it. He also finds out that its tail has been injured and in unable to fly. So Hiccup uses his technological know-how and helps the Night Fury out and learns more about it and other dragons. With this knowledge he starts to bridge the gap between Dragons and People and begins to excel at the Dragon Academy, to the point where he even begins to get the attention of the star pupil Astrid. But it seems there may be a bigger problems afoot as all the dragons seem to be afraid of something, and with graduation coming soon Hiccups has to find out.


Okay so show of hands, who else thought this film was going to be crap but was blown away by the final product? I mean when this came out the name Dreamworks didn’t exactly instill confidence in the product. But now look at it. Critical acclaim, a live show, a popular well written TV show with all the original voices of the main cast and will be getting a third season (we’ll totally talk about that show later) and what looks like a great sequel coming out this summer. But we’re talking about this film, where it all started. This film is so full of heart and you love every second of it. The characters really do give a good build of the world and how dragons are just a problem they have to deal with. And Hiccup and Toothless are two characters you will especially grow to love if only their adorable interactions. And did I mention this is probably the best animated Dreamworks movie, because it is. There is such an attention to detail in this film when it comes to visuals its easy to forget that this isn’t a Pixar movie. How to Train your Dragon is with out a doubt one of the best animated films in recent memory. Maybe one of the best animated films period. Defiantly give it a watch before the sequel comes out.

In the world of Fairy Tail there is magic everywhere. It is part of everyday life, and some people have learned to hone the magic with in themselves and become Wizards. One of these Wizards is Lucy, a 17 year old runaway who’s only dream is to join Fairy Tail, the most powerful and famous guild in the Kingdom of Fiore. One day she runs into Natsu, a boy raised by a dragon, and his talking/flying blue cat friend Happy. After a little skirmish with an outlaw they ask if Lucy would like to their guild. What guild is that you may ask? Why Fairy Tail of course! Now a proud member of the Guild Lucy and her friends Natsu the Salamander, Grey Fullbuster the ice Wizard, and Erza the Fairy Queen take on whatever mission is thrown their way and they all hope to protect the land from those who would seek to ruin it. People like the Dark Wizard Zeref and those who follow in his footsteps. But they can take it, because they’re Fairy Tail, the toughest Wizards around and they always come out on top, even if they have to travel to other worlds, fight legions of minions, and stop giant robot weapons. Go Fairy Tail!


Okay so Fairy Tail is all kinds of awesome. Its a Shonen show but it doesn’t get to a battle of power levels that long overstay its welcome. It also doesn’t stray too much from the original source material so filler is actually really small and actually pretty enjoyable since you just get to see the gang take on side missions. The closest series I can compare it to is Rave Master, who’s creator actually wrote Fairy Tail as well. In fact there is a cross over between the two series and Plue is a character for both series. And the series knows how to be funny. Its the kind of series that seems like the author still has plenty of ideas about whats going to go down rather than just have the story go on for the sake of it. Look I know its a long series and its still going on but its totally worth a look. Give it a watch.


Well thats my Plight. I hope you liked it. Im going to go back to being sick, okay? Okay. Live long and Prosper and all that Jazz.

Zombie Out.

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