Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 2, No. 10: Genius Origins


Hey, it's yet another plight by me. Remember what happened in my last 2? Well, this will be sort of a repeat... in a good way. Last time I use this series, for sure. Don't hurt me. Seeing as I haven't really watched much anime in the last... few months? Something like that, I'll be doing something I've already watched. Don't worry, last time this series gets mentioned. I swear. I have other stuff... my memory is just crappy at this time.

Next plight will have something different. I hope...

Alright, let's gets this started!


So, the week before my the "finals" week, one of my classmates was mentioning that he'd been checking out different book series and trying to read as much as possible. My Game Design teacher, who'd been suggestion different reads, asked if he liked the steampunk style genre. This is when he mentioned this web comic series, Girl Genius.

Let me start by saying this thing has been on-going since 2002. And yet, check the latest strip, check the first strip; they hardly look any different. Which... I might add, is incredibly rare. Because, usually, the artists involved get better, try out new techniques, and the look gradually improves. Here? It's consistent.

So, the comic is about young mis-Agatha Clay; a Spark with a hectic yet famous past that basically amounts to her being important... to varying degrees. So naturally, she tries to keep quiet about it. And is the case in many of these, that doesn't usually last that long. And so the chaos ensues. And the alternate universe Germany is a nice touch. It's pretty obvious, but it's still something that works really well. The backstory stuff does take a few chapters to properly get rolling and out of the way, and once that is done... boy does shit ever hit the fan towards the primary storyline. Just when you think you know what's going on, it just throws more and more at you. But this is good, because then stuff starts to make more sense... sort of.


There was a chapter were the events were starting to become really difficult to follow... and I still don't truthfully know what to make of it. Oy...

However, whenever there's some drama, there's always a good deal of comedy in store. It's either provided to us by Agatha herself, Krosps a cat-construct (it makes sense, believe me), the Jaegermonsters, or by the villains (so to speak). In fact, the Jaegermonsters provide most, if not all the genuine comedy. Because these guys are relentless, yet depending on their allegiances, they're mostly harmless. Otherwise... yeah...


Oh, and this web-comic is one of the first I've seen that can change it's tone on a dime. Just when you think things are about to get better... they get worse. Part of it stems from who Agatha's parents are (and shit really hits the fan once you discover exactly who her mother is... that was one HELL of a chapter), and from what she is exactly. See, in this world, there are "special" people called Sparks. These people, under varying circumstances, have the innate ability to create impressive machines with little no effort. However, there's a catch: some of them end up going crazy from this and cause chaos... which is what has also kind of brought some ire to that term. Agatha is an incredibly unique case as she has a remarkable amount of control of her ability. Which... still doesn't really tend to help her.

I'm still working my way through this web-comic, and the best part is that it actually gets frequent updates. Which is frigging amazing. And I've just gotten about roughly to the "halfway" point.


"Beep Boop"

This is a rather neat spin on the whole Iron Man storyline. Any of us who have seen the 2008 movie get the idea of it, right? Well, good, because this series started up in 2009. Hey, that's the year after the movie, right? You bet.

The premise is this: Tony Stark goes through high school... wait, what? Whoa, hold on, stay with me a moment... let me explain. He does this along with his friends Rhodey, Pepper Potts, and Happy Hogan while keeping his identity as Iron Man a secret, and while trying to keep his own company from falling into the hands of Obadiah Stane; who's currently taking care of the company until Tony Stark turns 18.

This is a surprisingly well done series, considering the age alterations and certain minor liberties that were taken to make things work. But you know what? All that considered? It's pretty damn good. Lot's of characters from Iron Man's enemy repertoire; like Crimson Dynamo, Blizzard, Whiplash, Mandarin, AIM, Madame Mask, Ghost, and even characters from other Marvel series make an appearance or a mention.

Oh, and Ghost. Easily my favorite villain of this series. His side is whoever is paying him, basically.


The first season mainly deals with the Mandarin, while the second season (still working on that) deals more with the armor wars, and features many more characters like Titanium Man, Iron Monger, and much more of Justin Hammer. Oh yeah, I like this version of Justin a lot more. Far more menacing than his movie counterpart. He's not just annoying like the movie; this guy is downright nasty.


Oh! And did I mention it's on Netflix? Both seasons xD.

Iron Man Armored Adventures Opening


Alright, this is the last time I put Pokemon here. To be honest, I have some I could use right now, but I'd rather actually finish them, if that's all the same to you. Cool? Okay cool.

Pokemon The Origins (or Pokemon Origins, here in NA) is an OVA that's a retelling of the events from the first generations games... with a twist at the end to advertise stuff for X/Y (I mean, this came out around the same time, so yeah, it worked). And I'm pretty sure just about everyone here has played Red/Blue or the Fire Red/Leaf Green remakes... which this adaptation more closely resembles, as I've played through Fire Red.

Okay, let's get this out of the way first: Yes, I do have a disdain for the first generation to some extent. However, considering this is a game adaptation, I think I'll let that slide for just a moment to see what they did.

As an adaptation of the first generation games, this is fantastic. Sure, they do skip certain events, but main key plot events are focused as their own episodes. And there are four episodes total. To be fair, it really shows you how much fluff the games really do have, but I have to admit, the battles are pretty nice, especially considering what we usually get in the normal anime (at least until X/Y showed up... yeah, I kind of wish I'd seen this a bit earlier). It's about on par with the movies, which is nice. And, for your convenience, we have health bars displayed! Okay, so that was kind of odd, but I understand what they were trying to do. I get it, it's weird, but I get it.

I mean, just... look!


The english dub (which is the version I watched) features a really nice selection. The kicker? Not a single voice actor is from the anime dub. In other words; this dub features voice actors whom you never thought you'd hear in anything Pokemon related. I really do like who they've chosen, as it's something that you probably won't recognize at first, and a few of them work really well.

So yeah, if you're someone who hasn't exactly been following along with the anime, but still wants to see something kind of nostalgic yet recent, give this a whirl. It should still be on on their video section.

So there we have it. And this is the last time Pokemon will a featured entry. So for those who got tired of it... well... there.

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