How Many Games Beaten Thus Far?

It is nearly the halfway point in the year. I know we are still about a month away, but I wanted to see how everyone was doing with Video Games this year. I have been keeping track of EVERY game I beat. The more I look this over, the better understanding I have to purchasing new games or waiting for a discount price.

2014 List of Beaten Games

01/01/14 - Dead Rising 3*
01/02/14 - Dead Rising 3 (Overtime Mode)
01/10/14 - Papers, Please (2 Different Endings)
01/14/14 - Need for Speed: Rivals (Racer Mode)*
01/19/14 - Rogue Legacy*

02/07/14 - To The Moon
02/08/14 - Do You Remember My Lullaby (interactive movie from "To The Moon" creator)
02/15/14 - Poker Night 2 (Tournaments Won = 1)

04/11/14 - Cool Pizza
04/20/14 - Rayman: Jungle Run (100% complete)*
04/22/14 - Trials: Fusion

05/03/14 - Metroid: Fusion (3:47 time with 46% complete)
05/26/14 - Super Time Force

* - Started in 2013

Now I would like to break down a few things. Cool Pizza and Rayman: Jungle Run were both free apps. Both are wonderful games, that are very addicting. I consider Poker Night 2 "beaten" only because winning a tournament is very hard. The purpose of that game is to keep winning those, so I just put that in there for fun. If I win more tournaments, I would update.

As you can see in March, it was a busy month for me. You also must consider that Titanfall came out that month. Most of my gaming time goes toward Titanfall in general. I have accumulated over 60 hours now and it has been great. There is no "beating" that game in my opinion, so I will not include.

Also, I am at the very end of Lightning Returns. I should have beat it by now, but other games came out and I lost track. I hope to return to it very soon.

I hope you enjoyed my list, and I wonder what everyone is doing. During this entire time, I got a new job as well, so I'm extra busy.

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