Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 2, No. 12: FALSE LOVE

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Want to get into Batman? Want a story that features an all star cast of villains and a new threat from Batman's past? Do you also like spectacular art by Jim Lee? Well, this story is for you. Batman Hush is made by the all star team of Jeph Loeb (shh, he was good back then) and Jim Lee which means that you are in for an action packed story. Batman must uncover the mystery of a new villain that has been popping up, just who is he, and what ties does he have to Bruce Wayne's past? This story is famous as a good intro to new Batman readers because it features a large cast of classic Batman villains (Joker, Harley, Poison Ivy, name it) and even a throwdown between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight himself. Seriously, the spread where batman just flat out punches Superman without holding back is excellent. Also, there's even a nice bit of romance in the story! This is as close as fans of the Selina+Bruce relationship have gotten so far, and it provides a lot of great moments. This arc just screams Batman, as the villains are all over the place, lots of allies pop in (Huntress, Oracle, Nightwing, Robin, etc) and Batman is freaking badass. Basically, even if it came out 10+ years ago, this arc is Modern Batman 101.



Ah, another victim of the Cartoon Network DC massacre. Along with Young Justice, this series was cancelled without warning. But enough of the sad stuff, what made it good? First of all, I have to admit...I went into this series expecting to hate it. It was Bruce Timm doing a CGI series instead of a traditionally animated one...people where irate, and I was very wary. So imagine the nice surprise when this turned out to be a really good series. Anyway, our hero is Hal Jordan, Green Lantern of space sector 2814 (which includes Earth, of course). What's the big danger? Well, for the first part of the series the main threat are the Red Lanterns. Just like the GLs are fueled by willpower, the Reds are fueled by Rage. Lead by a being called Atrocitus, they seek revenge on the Guardians of the Universe. Along the way we meet a bunch of interesting characters, from classic GLs Hal and Kilowog, to new characters like the AI named Aya, and the conflicted Red Lantern Razer. This series managed to loosely adapt a lot of great stories while still paving new ground with different takes on classic characters and adding new elements to the mythos. From showing us for the first time in animated forms many segments of the Lantern spectrum (Green Lanterns, Red Lanterns, Blue Lanterns, Star Sapphires, Agent Otange and a hint of the Yellow Lanterns) to other worlds such as the one with the Steam Lantern, and even showing us other characters like Guy Gardner, Sinestro and so many more. The second half of the series had the team facing off against the return of the Manhunters (the army that wiped out an entire space sector) and the Anti-Monitor itself.

This is a great series that I would have loved to see more of, but alas, it got the CN axe.It was filled with great characters, great action and some great emotional moments. But you know what, even if such a great series had to come to and end prematurely, there is one thing we have to be sure of...



Zawse in love.

Nisekoi follows a young man called Raku Ichigo, who happens to be the heir son to a Yakuza clan. Y'know, the usual stuff. Enter transfer student Chitoge Kirisaki, who comes from a family of american gangsters. As soon as they meet, these two absolutely hate each other's guts. So imagine their surprise when, to form a peace between the two rival gangs, this two are forced to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend for three whole years. that all there is to it? Oh No it isn't. As Chitoge and Raku manage to somehow grow closer, amids all the madness and fights, a lot of things happen. There's a wide cast of characters starting from Onodera, the girl Raku is in love with since forever ago. The initial dilemma spawns from this love triangle but man does it escalate. See, 10 years ago, Raku made a promise with a girl...he doesn't doesn't remember with who. The one thing he has to remember the promise is a locket that can only be opened by the key from the promised girl. One problem...who has the correct key? Key's start popping up, and the question is not only who is the correct key wielder but...does it matter? Should he let that define who he feels for? The cast of characters also include Claude, the overly protective bodyguard of Chitoge. Tsugumi, a girl that was taken in since a young age by Claude and also helped serve as Chitoge's bodyguard, except that well... Claude hasn't realized she's a girl. Ruri and Shu, best friends and #1 supporters of Raku and Onodera respectively. Marika Tachibana, a girl that claims to be Raku's fiance and plans to marry him no matter what, even if he already has a girlfriend (also, she's the daughter of the police chief). Get this big cast of characters into an incredible mess that is Raku's romantic situation, not even realizing all the girls that like him, and maybe who he really likes...and you've got one damn entertaining anime.

Adapted by SHAFT straight from the manga, Nisekoi really feels like it's taken straight outta the page. Besides a few skipped chapters, Nisekoi is one of the most faithful adaptations in recent years. The series is full of hilarious moments, and it has a lot of lovable characters that will have you jumping ship faster than you can process it. I'd say more, but I really don't want to spoil anything. Just know that it is pretty damned entertaining to watch this large cast of characters get to know each other, and all of the crazy stuff that happens to them in the way of finding out the mystery of Zawse in Love.

The Nisekoi anime is as of now complete, though there is a high chance of a second season. The anime can be streamed from Crunchyroll, and it is also reaction face heaven. So join me, watch it and learn why Chitoge is best girl.


And with that, we're done for now! Hope you enjoy this Plight, have fun discussing stuff below!

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