Sabre's Rules of Engagment



The following post is my own views and ideas on how to get along better with some of those people who really get you riled up, and who you just are not going to convince to see things your way. This is not me telling you what to do, and this in no way is related to the Community Guidelines. These are some rules that I have tried, and will try, to make my own experience more pleasant. Take it or leave it.

1) The Rule of Three

This is a simple rule to help you stay out of unending arguments with someone that just won't see eye to eye with you. For some discussions, there is the possibility that you or the other person will be swayed by the arguments and have a change in perspective. In other discussions, no matter how reasonable, a change of mind is just not on the table. In my view, if you cannot make any progress after making three reasonable replies, the conversation is over. So the Rule is:

You may make a maximum of THREE (3) replies to any one person, or on any one thread.

After that, just walk away. Don't let it burn you up that they got "the last word." If they think that you not replying to them is proof that they "won", then you were never going to convince them of anything. Take your sanity and go on to greener pastures.

2) You Don't Have To Win / You Don't Have To Have the Last Word

This is an easy trap to fall into, both online and in the real world. Don't confuse a reasonable discussion with a shouting match. Try to see when the person on the other end is just arguing for the sake of arguing. Neither you nor they will be satisfied, so just quit while you're ahead.



3) Don't Seek out Disagreement

There are some articles you know will just make you angry. You don't have to read them. There are some people that you know you will disagree with what they have to say. You don't even have to read what they write. There is a little arrow that appears when you hover beside someone's comment. If you click that, it hides their message, and all replies to it. There, no your day just got that much better. You don't have to read what they said, or the people that got riled up responding to them. Now your favourite article or forum is just so much more pleasant.



That is it for now. Feel free to tear into my perspectives. If I don't like it, I don't have to read it. Just like you didn't have to read this.

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