Virtual Reality: More limited than we think?

As someone who hasn't gotten to try a VR headset in person, I find myself wondering all the time if this is really going to be the future of gaming. And if it is, I wonder if it is actually going to be a bright future, or a severe downgrade.

I don't enjoy first person games much, with a handful of exceptions. I like seeing a detailed character model that is animated in impressive ways. Aside from first person gameplay, what is VR really suited to cater to in gaming?

I have been wondering this all along, and saw this recent talk with Shu Yoshida that seemed to only confirm everything I was thinking.

"As soon as you experience VR, and our developers are experimenting with many applications - we find that it doesn't necessarily need a lot of gameplay for people to enjoy VR. Like the demos we've been showing at GDC and E3, the demo called 'the deep,' people call it the shark demo; there is very, very little interactivity, but still people enjoy the experience."

(VR section starts around 10:50 in the video)

Is this the future of gaming? More digital tourism and filmic experiences, with less of an emphasis on detailed gameplay? These sound more like theme park rides to me.

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