Anime, Cartoons, Comics! Plight Vol. 2, no. 14: Beast War-Riors


Yay! Another one by me! And this one has some neat diverse content. Except I don't have any comics this time around. But that's okay, since technically the first one up is based on one. So... it's all good.

Featured Cartoon/Comic:


One day, I was watching Teletoon, and while I was waiting for my usual program to start, I happened upon this one show I had never seen before. The animation was familiar, the characters were quite original, and it just seemed intriguing. I managed to catch it again the following week, but at the very end of it. Finally learning of the name of the show, I decided to find it on youtube and watch it from the beginning. This is Generator Rex.

Created by Man-Of Action, same guys behind Ben10 and all it's iterations, Generator Rex follows the story of Rex Salazar, and his fight against EVOs; mutated organisms caused by nanotetch apply named "nanites". And as it so happens, Rex is the only person who's not only able to control these nanites, he can actually reverse the EVO process and return the organism back to normal. Also, he can transform his extremities into various robotic-esque parts called "builds". And in the later seasons, he gets "omega" builds. And those are blue. And have unique properties. Like shields.

They give you the basics of how things work, but things aren't quite as they appear, as it the usual process. But, we get to learn about everyone; from our main hero Rex, to his partners Six and Bobo-haha, and his employer White Knight, as well as characters like Doc Holiday, and villains like Van Kleiss.

It ran for 3 seasons and 1 large crossover episode with Ben 10, which was actually pretty neat. I actually kind of liked the look of Ben more in the Gen Rex style than I do in his own style, haha. I'm actually kind of glad it finished, as it prevents it from falling in this sort of "decay" process where things tend to get potentially worse as things go on. And they wrapped it up well enough, so why not?


I think what I liked about Generator Rex, is that it's got many of the things that we typically see in your "average" cartoon, but it also has some additional things for intrigue. Even if it can run on some pretty awkward scripting at times. But hey, that's Man-Of Action for ya. But when it is well written, it's fun. And the humour is surprisingly legitimate. Not to mention, the plotlines are actually pretty good, and some major consequences do in fact happen.

My only minor complaint is that it has a few Deus Ex Machina type moments near the end, but they're somewhat justified given what's going on at the time.

Also, this show has a main villain voiced by Troy Baker. No, not kidding. Pretty decent villain too, I might add. In fact, most of the villains in this are well done. Hell, we even get Jennifer Hale as Black Knight. Now there's a nice surprise.

Featured Cartoon:


Back in 1996, a relatively well known CGI animation studio known as "Mainframe Entertainment" (best known for their other series, Reboot) created a sequel series to the original G1 Transformers. This was called "Beast Wars: Transformers". Instead of vehicles, they turned into various creatures; from dinosaurs, to insects, to mammals, and birds. It is also my first experience with Transformers, and until Pokemon's debut in 1999 (on tv), this was my go to series.

It's split into 3 seasons, and each one brings something new to the table. The first season mostly has the introduction of the characters, and serves to sort of build up each group. Instead of Autobots and Decepticons, we have Maximals and Predacons. You still see similar characters that you'd recognize between the original series and this one, but there's some new characters that don't quite follow any other established individual. But, then again, I've never actually properly watched G1, so I wouldn't really know.


The plotline also changes the roles of each faction, in that the Maximals are actually a recon craft, while the Predacons are just common thieves, who have apparently stolen an artifact known as the "Golden Disk". The funny thing, is that this so called "artifact" doesn't really have all that much significance. In fact, it's never brought up again until a 3 parter in season 2, near the end of it!

Not until later on, that is. In season 2, we're introduced to a few new characters, like QuickStrike and Silverbolt. We also get a 3 parter season finale called, "the Agenda"; which features the return of the Decepticon Ravage, and some neat little fanservice moments for G1 fans. Season 2 and 3 tend to go a bit more heavily with the G1 references, including a brief cameo of Starscream... well... his voice, anyways. And as for the fanservice moments in the infamous "Agenda" 3 parter, Ravage retains his cassette alt-mode, complete with the original transformation sound! They were going to go as far as having the cassette play the Transformers original theme... but... they couldn't get the rights to it.

One thing that is really neat about Beast Wars, there's a lot of character development. I mean, you get attached to some of these characters. Yes, even the Predacons. Especially Waspinator. Poor guy. He's like Kenny from South Park. I think there's only a handful of episodes where he doesn't get blown up in some hilarious way.

Also, Scott McNeil does both the voices of Dinobot... and Rattrap. They often bicker, so it's hilarious to know he's talking to himself on that note.


One thing that separates this series from other Transformers series, is the near complete lack of human characters. Granted, there's actually a reason for it, and it's a pretty neat little revelation in season 2. Which also makes it slightly confusing later on, when you find out that this series is both paradoxically a sequel and a prequel to G1 Transformers. It's better to see for yourself, it sort of makes more sense that way.

Also, dat opening

Featured Anime:


This is one is kind of an odd-ball; I know of the series, but I also know there was a cheesy American cartoon based on this series... which was kind of odd. However, I later found out of the existence of this series. A 4 episode OVA following the plotline of the 2nd game. I found this hap-hazardly when I remembered there was a very cheesy American cartoon of Darkstalkers, and then somehow found out this was made. Featuring some notable voice actors including Scott McNeil and David Kaye (who just so happens to be using his BW Megatron voice here too, hehe).

So, it`s a various point of view story, mostly focusing on Donovan and Demetri, with both Hsien-Ko and Felicia sort of doing their own thing for a bit. Demetri is attempting to become the ruler of the demon world, Donovan is out on a quest to defeat all the Dark Ones, and also helps out a little girl named Annie, who happens to have some bizarre powers. And then in episode 3, Pyron shows up. Which then leads to some interesting plot revelations, and some crazy cultists. Go figure. Apparently, the ending doesn't quite match up with how the game does, but it still makes sure everything sort of works out. It did end in a good way, although slightly abrupt.


Also, while you might not think it, every major character's storyline gets filled in, so to speak. In about 2 episodes, we get Demetri, Morrigan, Felicia, Hsien-Ko, Donovan, and Anita. Lord Raptor, Don Talbon also make brief appearances alongside Felicia, and this one Samurai character (I forget his name, sorry) also makes an appearance during Donovan's story. Unfortunately, certain other characters that are shown during the opening only get brief cameo appearances battling against the big bad, Pyron. Which kind of sucks if you're a fan of them. However, by the looks of things, they're not the "big" Darkstalkers characters, so I guess that might be why.

One thing I like about this, is that despite the OVA's age, it surprisingly well animated, and is quite mature, considering what happens in it. I like to think that many of Capcom's fighting game properties get this sort of treatment. I just found the Darkstalkers OVA to be pretty good. And it's got the old-school Ocean's Group dub, which is always nice.


Also, the fight scenes are actually pretty good, and use actual moves from the games. That's not something you typically see, and actually kind of surprised me. Although, they do look rather... odd, when used in certain contexts. However, for all intents and purposes, and considering the time it was made, it's actually pretty good.

Anywhom, that's it for this plight. Hopefully next time I'll have an actual comic to put here. Maybe. I can't really guarantee anything. But with that, enjoy!

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