Pokemon X/Y Friend Code List

This thread is for all of the people who are interested in sharing friend codes for the release of Pokemon X and Y. I wanted to make this thread because in the last few days a lot of people on the Hype thread have sharing interest in adding friends on our 3DS systems for the release of Pokemon. As anyone that has owned a DS or 3DS know, Nintendo hasn't made this the easiest process. While only a handful of people started sharing codes in the beginning, it quickly caught on and quite a few people were added to the mix. We even have people joining in on the new Recent Happenings thread. While this is great, it has becoming very confusing to keep up with who added who and who needs to add who back. (Yes, that last sentence was very confusing, but hopefully most of you will understand what I'm talking about!

So this thread was born to remedy that! This post will be strictly for friend code information only, no discussion unless it pertains to "Is this you?" or a simple "Add me back!" I know we are all excited about the release of X and Y and we can vent those feelings on the appropriate Hype and Recent Happenings threads linked above!

Basically, if you want to be added by everyone, post you Friend Code, your 3DS name (even if it is the same as your Polygon name) and just to get an idea which version your getting or if you're getting both. This post will also handle add backs. If you want to post who you've added so far, that's encouraged.

Hopefully this is a much more organized solution! As always, stay awesome Polynauts!

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