Friend Safari- What Type of Pokemon are you?

Pikachu's Jukebox: What Kind of Pokémon Are You? Full (via PropellerYoshi1808)

So we've exchanged friendcodes which help with the Pokemon safari.

Now the real question is who has what?

From what I've seen pokemon are consistent to the handheld you are using, not the game file.

I'll list everyone who has friended me. Those who only have 2 pokemon have not been on in a while (or happen to miss me when i'm online) or have not beat the Elite Four.

The names listed seem to be of that of your Mii not your trainer.

Sigma- Teddiursa and Audino and Ditto

ace: Electrode and Pikachu

Fox: Snubbull and Swirlix

Lucky: Drowsy and Wobbufett

Matt: Forretress and Mawile and Klefki

Jezza: Tangela and Sawsbuck

Yoshi: Pidgey and Swanna

LT: Sunkern and Petilil and Quilladin

Joeycoco: Shuppet and Phantump

Sneaky: Gabite and Noibat

Pandaeater: cacturn and paneard

Paradoxme: Phanpyand Marowak

Irino: Ariados and Seviper

Bends: Onix and Boldore

Drew: Snovell and Bergmite

Rhyz: Bergmite and Snorunt and Dewgong

Matt: Ferroseed and Forretress and Exadrill

Kirby-o: Lampent and Phantump

Lightbulb: Shuppet and Phantump

Fuzunga: krabby and Floatzel

ryan: Pidgey and Swanna

Mizu: Volbeat and Butterfree

Legend: Lampent and Pumpkaboo

Steve: Trapinch and Dugtrio

John: Wobbufett and Drowsy

Gabe: Machoke and Pancham and Breloom

JB: Nosepass and Corsola and Rhydon

Lui: Teddiursa and Kelceon

Azi: Pansear and Slugma and Fletchinder

Johnus: Bergmite and Snorunt and Dewgong

Sideny: Lilipup and Audino

Teagan: Panpur and Gyarados

Cobalt: Mienfoo and Sawk

Jason: Seviper and Venomoth and Toxicroak

arnaldo: Boldore and Corsola and Shuckle

piecemaker: Boldore and Corsola and Shuckle

chaos: Teddiursa and Loudred

bitume: Phanpy and Camerupt

john: Munna and Siglyph and Duosion

agntyellow: Gloom and Venomoth and Drapion

cody: Pansear and Larvesta

blaze: Pansage and Swadloon and Maractus

matt: Paras and Masquerain and Pinser

daze: Butterfree and Illumise and Venomot

louis: Sandshrew and Camerupt and Diggersby

xeg: Paras and Illumise

ensorj: Pansear and Pyroar

kramer: Kakuna and Garbador and Toxicroak

acidrain: Snovell and Beartic

potato: Fraxure and Noibat And Druddigon

bosshogg: Delibird and Bergmite

abriel: Phanpy and Nincada

luke: Abra and Espurr and Girafarig

matty: Nosepass and Onix and Rhydon

sterling: Nosepass and Onix

lee: Casoon and Venomoth

james: Magmar and Larvesta and Fletchinder

phinnaeus: Butterfree and Voltbeat

wray: Combee and Masqerain and Heracross

lucas: Meditite and Throh and Tyrogue

xaighen: Aipom and Audino

zach: Growlithe and Pyroar

thegrouch: Gloom and Ariados

caleb: Pachirisu and Pikachu and Luxio

azrael: Wooper and Nincada

idk: dweeble and Onix

idog127: Phanpy and Nincada and Palpitoad

kody: Magmar and Larvesta

costa: Oddish and Ivysaur

silva: Wooper and Dugtrio

dblintegrl: Snover and Bergmite

chris: Sunkern and Swadloon

Hosse: Panpour and Floatzel

Quantumcat: Spearrow and Swanna and Rufflet

Jason: Mawile and Klang and Klefki

Aaron Nosepass, and Onyx and Rhydon

Adrian: Kraby Floatzel and Azumarril

Vaz gloom and Swalot and Whirlipede

Glenn: Pansage and Petilil and quilladin

Wields: Paras and Illumise and Pinsir

Alex: Abra and Sigilyph

Kokonoe: Stunfisk, Electrode, and Manectric.

I'll update the list as people beat the elite four or as people friend me here. I don't have many friend slots left though.

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