The Polygon Friend Safari Pokémon Tournament: December 2013 Edition


Thanks everyone for participating! I think it was a lot of fun and we should definitely organize more of these (with different themes).

Free Nidoran Giveaway for all! See current discussion thread for details.

Final rankings:

1. The Didact [Bug] (6-1), tie was broken by victory over me in our match.

2. Wields [Bug] (6-1)

3. Ferrous [Fire] (5-2)

4. Cobaltios [Electric] (4-3)

5. LivingTarget [Grass] (3-4)

6. glenngunnerzero [Grass] (2-4-1)

7. Sterling Smith [Rock] (1-5-1)

8. KajunBowser [Normal] (0-7)

Okie, taking a quick study break to type this up and put it out there because the idea has been talked about for a while now. Please read until the end before commenting and keep in mind that this post is still but a draft. I will be modifying it as soon as I am able to, so again please bear with me.

Basic rules are as follows:

1. Trainers will be allowed to use only Pokémon whose typing correspond with that of their Friend Safari (hereafter "FS"). If you do not know your FS type, feel free to ask any of the regulars on these here Pokémon forums for a hand and I'm sure they'll be happy to oblige as soon as they're available. While you're at it, you should also take a look over in Rhyz's handy-dandy Polygon FS Database thread and maybe sign up for it if you plan on chillin' with us for a while (which you definitely should; I hear we're pretty cool).

1.1 Since many Pokémon change typing or even gain or lose a type upon evolving, trainers will be allowed to use Pokémon in the same evolutionary line as another Pokémon with their corresponding FS type, barring any forked evolutions. For instance:

- Trainers whose FS type is Fighting will be allowed to use Poliwag and Poliwhirl in addition to Poliwrath, but will not be allowed to use Politoed, since it is a forked evolution of Poliwhirl.

- Electric-type trainers will be allowed to use Jolteon and Eevee, but none of the other Eeveelutions.

- Inversely, Rock-type trainers will be allowed to use Steelix in addition to Onyx, as the latter is part Rock-type.

1.2 A Pokémon's typing is determined by its type outside of battle, meaning that Pokémon with Mega Evolutions that gain a type or change typing will not see that change reflected for the team-building purposes of this tournament. For example, Mega Ampharos and Mega Charizard X both become part Dragon-type when Mega Evolving, but Dragon-type trainers will not be allowed to use them, nor their pre-evolutions, on their team.

2. Trainers may not bring two or more Pokémon with the same National Pokédex number on their team (AKA "species clause").

3. Only Pokémon native to the Kalos region will be permitted on trainers' teams, meaning the Pokémon numbered in the three Regional Kalos Pokédexes and those available in the FS.

4. No "Special Pokémon" (as per the Battle Maison's rules) shall be permitted on any trainer's team. For the purposes of this tournament, the list is as follows: Mewtwo, Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde.

5. No more than one item of each type may be held by any Pokémon on a trainer's team (AKA "item clause").

6. Pokémon may not have the moves Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold in their movesets (AKA "OHKO clause").

7. Pokémon may not have the moves Double Team or Minimize in their movesets (AKA "evasion clause").

7.1 A contrario, the Sand Veil and Snow Cloak abilities, along with the Bright Powder item, are allowed, although their viability may be questionable.

8. Due to possible time constraints, if a trainer uses a move which causes all remaining Pokémon to faint, they lose (AKA "self-KO clause"). This clause does not apply if a trainer's last Pokémon dies from recoil damage while knocking out the last opposing Pokémon (in which case the trainer whose Pokémon KO'd the other would win).

8.1 A KO by residual damage does not count as a KO for the purposes of clause number 8.

9. A trainer may not put another one of their opponent's Pokémon to sleep while one is still asleep (AKA "sleep clause"). This does not include the opponent using a move to put their own Pokémon to sleep like Rest.

10. Intentionally disregarding, breaking or trying to circumvent any of these rules will lead to immediate disqualification.


See poll below. I was thinking a round-robin format would be best, with best-of-one match-ups. Format will be BO1 round-robin.


Battles will start on December 27th28th, 2013. This is an arbitrary date that I feel would potentially suit everyone's availabilities, but it is obviously subject to change. Please let me know from which date onward each of you would be available for battles.


No idea yet, but maybe everyone could breed up something nice (an interesting Pokémon (of their FS type, maybe?) with good IVs, ability, nature and/or Egg moves) and the winner can have first pick.

If you're still interested after reading through all that, sign up here:

K made a quick Challonge page for "brackets," but if people prefer Google that’ll have to be done later.

Signup link:

Please specify your 3DS Mii name, IGN, FS type and Polygon username when signing up for the tournament (in the "Name" box to the left of the "Username or Email" box) in the following format: MiiName - IGN (FSType) [PolygonUsername]. If the total string is over the character limit, nix the "WiiName" part and only enter your IGN, FS Type and Polygon Username. And if that still doesn't work, you should think about getting a shorter name Polygon Username and FS Type will have to do.

In my case, it’d be "Wields - Hayda (Bug) [WieldsTL]"

Current Participants List:

1. WieldsTL: Wields - Hayda (Bug) 4742-5802-5865

2. The Didact: Wray - Wray (Bug) 3497-0562-6817

3. Sterling Smith: Sterling - Silver (Rock) 3368-1442-2249

4. LivingTarget: LivingTarget - LT (Grass) 2750-1134-8806

5. Cobaltios: Cobie - Kokonoe (Electric) 0104-0315-3486

6. Ferrous: Ferrous - Zach (Fire) 2251-4303-9778

7. KajunBowser: KajnBowser - Hikari (NormalOhGodMegaKangaskhan) 1306-6511-8530

8. glenngunnerzero: Glenn - Glenn (Grass) 0602-6270-1955

9. Rhyz: Rhyz - Rhyz (Ice) 0490-5741-2100

Seeds will be randomized before the start of the tournament by Challonge.

So that's it for now. Everything is still under construction and some of the rules were included just for the sake of inclusion, so don't hesitate to comment if you have any suggestions, compliments, questions or insults (actually, do hesitate if you have any insults). Hopefully if we get this set up properly future editions will be much easier to organize.

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